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Emperor Qianlong
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"He was nearly ninety years old and he could still ride a horse but his mouth was broken and he could not get a word in for an hour or two" Praise his horse praise his body scold his sons for being useless Fu Heng had seen the old general of great merit thinking of his white beard and hair gesticulating and aggressive appearance A smile flashed across the corners of his mouth and he was busy again But Qianlong said "Shengjing is the place where I went to Longxing and it is close to Luocha" I have always been very attentive most afraid of the Central Plains extravagant atmosphere infected there It seems that the ambition of martial arts has not been worn down There is not even a general in the Central Plains who wants to fight against the wooden bell You are the minister of military aircraft who is in charge of the Minerals & Metallurgy military affairs of the Shengjing battalion You wrote to Zhang Yong and told him to train his troops The country has plenty of places to use him You sit down-Ruocheng did you come in to thank your father "Yes!" Zhang Ruocheng did not prevent the topic from suddenly turning to his side Stunned he quickly kowtowed and said "Your Majesty has given me a poem to comfort the old minister" Zhang Tingyu led the whole family to look at the gate and kowtow to Long En and sent the unworthy father to kowtow to Long Live Master

Is he in good spirits Did you go back to dinner "My father had seen his master and was in good spirits He ate a little more for lunch than usual" He said to his children that the kindness of the Lord''s excellent family depended on the efforts of his children and grandchildren Zhang Ruocheng finished and kowtowed again and again As he listened carelessly Qian Long dipped his fingers in tea and drew some words on the table He said lukewarm "Like Zhang Yuxiang Zhang Tingyu was used by the Holy Ancestor" Tingyu has no field service and it is not easy to be named a count When Shizong gave him the title at the beginning I was still young and I learned to listen to politics beside him Longkeduo said that there was no precedent for civil servants to be knighted but Shizong blocked him back and said ''Zhang Liang has no field work In the midst of strategizing we can win thousands of miles away Zhang Tingyu was loyal diligent and able to assist me in the education of culture and his contribution could not be lost The words are still ringing in my ears-kneel down and serve him well so that he can take good care of himself Zhang Ruocheng backed out Several courtiers were still chewing on Qianlong''s words listening to them sentence by sentence all of which were warm and comforting but when they were linked together they all felt that the meaning was unfathomable They are all heroes among the people who have been selected by thousands of people They are very talented and very sophisticated Savoring this cold warning there was a chill in the bottom of my heart But Wang Youdun did not know the beginning and the end and he could not bear the silence He bowed down and said with a smile "Chang Ting-yu is really blessed He has been in charge of government affairs for several decades in the Shengchao Dynasty He has a good beginning and a glorious end" In Fengtian I saw the imperial edict reiterating Zhang Tingyu''s entitlement to the Imperial

Ancestral Temple and I was very moved I was born as a military general and I had to work hard to be a good master "At this point I suddenly felt that Fu Heng secretly pulled the corner of his clothes He was also an alert man After a little meal he changed his tone" I also want to be a courtier like Zhang Yuxiang and Zhang Tingyu! " Ji Yun Liu Tongxun listened first secretly worried about Wang Youdun listening to him suddenly clip in a "Zhang Yuxiang" the donkey''s lips are not to the horse''s mouth to stop all feel surprised Look at Qianlong the well has no unexpected color just feel a little relieved China Suppliers Fu Heng what are you doing with Wang Youdun As soon as Qianlong saw it he said "No matter how upset I am I''m still bowing Pure Brightness Wang Youdun didn''t know what happened before so he spoke freely I won''t blame him any more" Fu Hengwan didn''t expect to see through this little trick He blushed with shame and fear He quickly got up to apologize and said "Your Majesty has a deep insight into a thousand miles A slave''s small mind can''t escape the light of the holy candle" Wang Youdun did not understand the meaning of "I don''t know what happened before" and quickly turned his mind to ask Liu Tongxun with his eyes Liu Tongxun and Ji Yun both clenched their teeth and gazed indifferently at the gold bricks as clear as mirrors on the ground How tired I am! Qianlong breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the caisson on the top of the hall as if looking for something He hung his head helplessly like a child "No matter how big or small your position is you are in charge of one department or in charge of one thing or even in charge of the overall situation You are still a''Zan Xiang ''" The affairs of the world no matter the officials gentlemen farmers industrialists and businessmen mountains rivers and land the big burden is still on me alone

When offering sacrifices to the Temple of Heaven yesterday the first part of the funeral oration was''Prime Minister Heshanchen Hongli '' When I listened to the official recitation of the Ministry of Rites I felt that there was not a word in name! He took a sip of tea raised his head and calmed down the flood of thoughts in his heart He added "Chengping is a good thing Chengping has been around for a long time and people''s hearts are slack When the people are rich they still want to be rich and the poor want to be rich The officials'' hearts are not on the official job but on the silver How many Energy people can know the troubles here How many people can know" Civil officials love money military officers are afraid of death all love money are afraid of death have money to scrape scrape the people scrape the court people''s hearts are eroded by money handsome into mediocrity mediocrity into stupidity into pigs and dogs! Yesterday''s words I was shocked to think of every word He had been sitting cross-legged for so long that he needed to move his body He lost his head and said "Look up and down We spent more than ten million yuan on the two expeditions to Jinchuan We lost three or four generals killed a prime minister and sent a chief assistant We did it again as usual!"! The money spent on the Yellow River water transport was twice as much as that of the Holy Ancestor but it was still flooded and silted up and it was strange that Wu Wentang Wuhu Road Anhui Province received the money for disaster relief and life-saving in the vassal treasury

He lent money at usury first but actually collected interest first and only took the interest to give relief! Dezhou also has a county magistrate Pi Zhongjun such a good name borrowed silver from the Salt Tea Ceremony Yamen and sold porcelain in partnership He lost money when the boat capsized in the canal and lent silver from the Shandong vassal treasury He also used interest to repay the country''s deficit Military and political civil affairs finance is so dirty do courtiers do not share the worries of your father a trip to the temple to play this calculated to enjoy the Imperial Ancestral Temple after death promised not to forgive but also I write according to the evidence issued by the world! I really don''t know what Zhang Tingyu thinks If I don''t want him to go into the Imperial Ancestral Temple I will go in Can''t I withdraw him! He smiled disdainfully and said to Ji Yun "Xiaolan you drafted a decree for Zhang Tingyu" Four people have already heard soul-stirring back like a thorn sitting restless seat Ji Yun promised "Yes!" He hurried to the table picked up his pen and his hand trembled slightly trade-global.com



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