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I am engaged in logistics in Starcraft.
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Christopher D. Hawks


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Posted: 8.24.2022 7:54:48

The person on the side sees him move think he wants to struggle lift a foot to want to give him again for a while hear only however "Wang Wu ~" one still did not react to come over be knocked by a huge smelly thing and fall to the ground Everybody is frightened greatly turn round gun head to want to shoot hear however "woof woof!"! Woof woof! The barking of a dog A huge smelly dog stood in front of the suspects and yelled at them with an angry look on his face People subconsciously covered their noses "lying trough what is this thing how can it be so smelly!" At this moment other personnel ran out from each cabin "report!"! There are no suspicious bodies "We don''t have it there either!" As soon as a sheriff opened his mouth to report he was fumigated by the stench of the sky and scolded "*** what is Health & Medical this thing How can it be so smelly" Xixi was so angry that her eyes shone fiercely her limbs assumed a defensive posture and she shouted fiercely at these people guarding Wen Shaoxin every step of the way Everybody looks at each other that chief impatient way "Take a person to go back first close one night to say again!" "Hey you" Don''t you think the smell of the big dog is very close to the smell of the corpse that the police said Someone said Did the dog eat the body "Take it back first and let the technical department deal with it later" Confused Wen Shaoxin and Gu Yaoguang looked at each other

They were regarded as murderers and reported by the enthusiastic masses What the fuck Who is so wicked He caught his breath with difficulty and said "What''s going on" Wasn''t it because we were driving without a license that you detained us "How dare they drive without a license!" "Driving without a license adds to the crime!" Wen Shaoxin "" Gu Yaoguang "" Eventually Xixi''s resistance was mercilessly suppressed and Wen Shaoxin fearing that it would be injured held it directly in his arms to appease its anger The two men were arrested to the security department with the smelly Xixi Chapter 31 Growth Into the security office Xixi still shocked the crowd It entered the hall and after a while the whole hall and corridor on the first floor were filled with stench which only made the staff on duty sick Someone suggested "Take it out and wash it first" The magistrate who had kicked Gu Yaoguang down before said impatiently "There is a smell of corpses on my body I must have eaten a lot Keep the original evidence!" The others should be right away Wen Shaoxin & Gu Yaoguang "…" I feel a little confused Xixi was disliked many times today and saw that Wen Shaoxin was bullied extremely irritable has been clinging to the side of Wen Shaoxin A man on duty came to pull it and wanted to take it to the technical department for inspection but it was extremely fierce and kept shouting loudly blocking in front of Wen Shaoxin motionless Seeing the grumpy sheriff frowning and impatient Wen Shaoxin was afraid that Xixi would be forcibly taken away and the treatment was certainly far better than being taken away honestly

He quickly squatted down and comforted Xixi He scratched Sissy''s chin and said "It''s all right Go on Don''t attack them" Xixi was not happy and hummed him Wen Shaoxin smiled and said China Manufacturers "We haven''t done anything bad We''re not afraid You can do whatever they tell you to do Don''t resist" Xixi''s eyes were wet She stuck out her tongue and licked him but she still didn''t want to go Wen Shaoxin knew that she might be worried about herself She explained "We won''t be anything It''s all a misunderstanding" Boss Xixi wagged his tail unwillingly loosened his clasped claws and followed the staff on duty Tut! Your dog is really loyal The magistrates who had nothing to do after catching people sat on their chairs and watched lazily as Xixi and Wen Shaoxin doted on each other "However this is too capable It''s not a sperm is it" Have a stupefied boy the mouth asks in reply quickly "Be Human Flesh eats much" People "… …" More or less understand the situation Xixi body smell was thought that they kill people to hide the body reported After they left Starport they were monitored and warned to be checked as soon as they approached the ground As for driving without a license It was Wen Shaoxin''s own guilty conscience that burst out first It''s a huge pit They have always been law-abiding citizens and they are not afraid of what they have not done

Seeing that the chairs in the hall were occupied by the sheriff Wen Shaoxin pulled Gu Yaoguang to sit on the floor Gu Yaoguang stroked his chest in silence but he grabbed his hand and shook his head Gu Yaoguang put his head on his Gifts & Crafts shoulder Why are you sitting here Who are you Take them to the waiting room They will be heard tomorrow The chief constable yawned and told his men Everyone was lazy and finally the boy took them into a brightly lit room "I won''t separate you Come to the trial tomorrow and go to bed early" Wen Shaoxin and Gu Yaoguang were stunned for a moment and they were all ready to be separated and examined all night But it would be nice to be locked up together and have a good night''s rest It is indeed a prosperous planet and the treatment of the suspect is really good

The condition of the waiting room is excellent the warm and comfortable bed the clean toiletries and the facilities are no less than those of the hotels on Niti Planet Wen Shaoxin yawned and asked "Aren''t they afraid we''ll run away" The supervision is too lax Gu Yaoguang shook his head pulled him to his side held him gently and then put his hand between them making a gesture to indicate that there was monitoring all around Wen Shaoxin opened his eyes wide and yawned What he had just said would not be heard Gu Yaoguang touched his head and said "Go to bed early Maybe the result will come out tomorrow" As soon as Xixi came out of the transport plane there was nothing inside and the so-called corpse was nonsense Xixi has a huge odor but as long as it is analyzed by the instrument we know that it is all body impurities and stool as for the internal examination it is impossible to find out anything Two people are not worried just sleepy have such good conditions do not make good use of it is not a loss The next day they were awakened by Xixi''s strong licking and kissing Xixi had already changed her image with white hair smooth oil sharp ears and her whole body was full of ingenuity trade-global.com

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