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Apartment in hell
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Christopher D. Hawks


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Posted: 8.24.2022 7:54:10

However, by ten o''clock, the apartment was almost turned upside down, but no one was found. Then Li Yin judged. Left the apartment, I''m afraid! In the guard room at the gate of the community, the security guard is crossing his legs and watching TV. A total dereliction of duty. When Li Yin knocked on the window, the security guard opened the window and asked, "Huh?"? What is it? "Master," Li Yin handed over a pack of cigarettes and said, "did you see anyone go into that alley today? It''s a new face that I haven''t seen before. The security guard shook his head and said, "I don''t remember!"! Go, go, go, don''t bother me! Li Yin took out a few hundred-dollar bills and handed them over, saying, "Master, I''m really in a hurry. Could you please recall?" He took five hundred yuan in one breath, the security guard looked at it, then smiled and said: "Well, that, I recall ah..." Well, there are a lot of people coming into that alley today. But you said a new face. By the way, in the afternoon, there seemed to be four young people who went in. They looked like college students. They had never seen them before. Chapter 2 Haunted Houses in Japan The second day, Yuecheng Academy of Fine Arts. () The first class is about the history of western art, and Yanagihara usually only looks at the PSP in his hands in this class. At this time, he was watching the Japanese supernatural program downloaded yesterday. This late-night Japanese supernatural program has also become famous recently, so the number of downloads in the mainland has also increased sharply, and it happened that he found a website to download the subtitle version. On the screen, it is an ordinary residence under the night, which has two floors and looks very dilapidated, and the exterior walls are even cracked in many places. Good evening, everyone. The host was a sweet-looking Japanese woman, dressed in a kimono, who said, "This is the famous Shinozaki family in Kamakura." Visiting the haunted house, I feel very interesting to think about it. Yanagihara Xin, who was nervously watching the program, suddenly heard a voice beside him: "Oh?"? Is it a Japanese drama? "Ah.." This is Japan''s Ghost Festival. Uh He looked aside, and it was Kang Yin! "Sound?"? Why are you sitting next to me? "Can''t you?" "No.." Not really. "" Then she continued to look at the screen, and the hostess in a kimono continued: "When the Shinozaki family was in the 60th year of Showa (that is, 1985 A.D.), the Shinozaki couple who lived here were killed by intruders, and only their daughter, who was still in swaddling clothes at that time, Inflatable outdoor park , survived.". Since then, many people in the neighborhood have witnessed ghosts in the windows and plaintive cries at night, causing no one to dare to live in the nearby houses, which are very famous haunted houses in Kamakura. At that moment, a line of words was typed at the top of the screen, which was translated by the subtitle group, meaning "Please look at the window". Liu yuanxin immediately looked at the past, the side of the Kang Yin Kui also looked over. Behind the beautiful host in kimono, the left window on the second floor of the "haunted house" was so dark that it could hardly be seen clearly. However, in an instant, a clear white spot appeared on the window! That white spot.. It does look like a human face! "It must be computer-generated," Kang said disdainfully. "This kind of program must take this measure in order to attract ratings. Anyway, the audience will not explore whether it is a real haunted house or a fake haunted house." "Don''t say that," Yanagihara said with a smile. "Then there''s no mystery." Then, the kimono beauty host continued: "Well, let''s follow the audience into the haunted house to see it." Then the camera began to move towards the door. The gate was rusty and covered with cobwebs, and the courtyard was covered with weeds, some of which were almost knee-high. The door was not locked at all, and you could get in with a push. Ah, Risa is also afraid at this time. That kimono beauty host named Itabashi Risa, she seems to have hosted this program for some time, into this haunted house, although the mouth is afraid, but the voice is not the slightest "fear" taste in it. Inside is a very typical Japanese style room, the wooden floor has been some festering, and there are sliding doors outside the room.
The winding corridor was quiet, and the hostess with the microphone went to one of the rooms. Although I knew that the white spot on the window just now was mostly processed in the post-production, Yanagihara still felt a little nervous when he looked at it. This is an image similar to a documentary, which is totally different from a horror movie. Open the sliding door, inside is a room covered with tatami, a table in the middle of the room, and in the corner of the room, there are several old looking dolls. Host Risa slowly walked over to the dolls and said, "Audience, this should be the living room where Mr. Shinozaki died.". The room was very small and barely furnished. These dolls.. I heard that Mr. Shinozaki was the master of making dolls before his death. It seems that this is probably his work. There are three dolls in the corner. The camera gave a close-up of the dolls. This is Kang Yin''s attention was also focused on this. Those three dolls, all had their eyes gouged out! Empty to the camera, it looks a little weird. The faces of the dolls are very white, and they are all doll images of girls. The hostess named Risa, not knowing whether she was bold or not, actually picked up the doll and touched it, and even began to comment on the work of the doll. "The Japanese are really perverted." Is she really not afraid at all? "I''m afraid this haunted house is made up," Kang said. "This doll is just an ordinary prop. Is there really such a scary place, and it has been haunted since 60 years ago in Showa. I''m afraid the local government has already demolished the house, right? Is that right.. But Yanagihara Xin felt that if it was a real haunted house, it would be too exciting. Just then, Risa put down the doll, looked at his watch, and said, "Audience,Inflatable 5k obstacle, it''s almost time for the plaintive cry.." Hearing this, Yanagihara Xin also began to feel nervous. Suddenly, a hand rested on his shoulder. joyshineinflatables.com

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