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A Good Man''s Guide to
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Christopher D. Hawks


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Posted: 8.24.2022 7:53:01

Wang Xiuhua was so angry by his son''s remarks that his nose was almost crooked, but Li Laohan was very approving, he was doubtful, heard his son so sure, also believed more than half. He is also very confident about his son, which is much better than those educated youth. Old man Li took a puff of his cigarette. "What are you going to do?" "Give him a taste of his own medicine!" Li Yan took one look at his younger sister, hooked his fingers, and said, "Come here." "What am I supposed to do?" Asked Chunfang in a daze. What do you want to do? I''m counting on you to solve the case this time! Li Yan smiled, "sister!"! As usual, don''t you like to hook your neck and listen to the parents of the East and Li Jia, asking here and there? Now there is an opportunity in front of you, I let you have enough to listen to gossip addiction. "What do you want me to inquire about?" "Ask about the fat aunt." Chapter 21 the years of educated youth (10). Facts have proved how wise Li Yan''s approach is! Two hours later, Chunfang came back and brought a lot of gossip, basically digging out the eighteen generations of the ancestors of the fat aunt. How''s it going? Is it true or not? As soon as Chunfang entered the door, Wang Xiuhua trotted over eagerly. Oh, mom, you gave me a drink of water. With these words, Chunfang went to look for the teacup. Wang Xiuhua hastened to bring a big teacup with water. "What time is it? Say it quickly!"! Are you worried to death? Chunfang drank a jar of water in one breath,Inflatable indoor park, wiped her mouth with her sleeve, and took a deep breath: "I found out!"! The fat aunt had an affair with the widower named Wang next door. "Hi!" Wang Xiuhua was listening to the little girl to inquire about Zhang Yanhua''s affairs, but the result was such a panting result, "who told you to inquire about this?" Chunfang murmured with grievance, "This is not for me to inquire about!" Li Yan came in from outside the yard and stopped Wang Xiuhua. "Just to inquire about the fat aunt, like her, who is keen on making up lies and spreading rumors,inflatable amusement park, even a dead person can be said to be alive by her.". If we don''t treat her today, even if our family knows that there is nothing wrong with her, after she has been smeared, the idle and ignorant women in the village will all believe it. After hearing Li Yan''s words, Chunfang''s face was slightly hot, and she was not the kind of person in her brother''s mouth who had nothing to do and told lies every day? Now that things have fallen on their own heads, they also know that the taste of being smeared is not good. How can you tolerate the existence of such a rumor when it is passed on? I have just gone to find the Chinese, let her calm down, as if nothing was heard, the rest of the matter to me. What else did you hear, little sister? Li Chunfang blinked, "she has a mole on her belly!" "You''re not ashamed of yourself, you dead girl!" Wang Xiuhua scolded in shame. Facing Li Yan, Chunfang recited all the things she had heard like pouring beans in a bamboo tube. After listening, Jumping castle with slide ,large inflatable water slide, Li Yan, under the leadership of Chunfang, went to the village to knock his teeth together. Far away, I saw the fat aunt rolling up her sleeves, looking excited, surrounded by a group of women, chattering in her mouth. The educated youth who went to the countryside to jump the queue, I would say, is not a good thing! You know what? I walked at night two days ago, and when I passed the back of the production team, I saw.. "I saw Li Cuixi hooking up with a man and standing under the big locust tree!" An angry male voice came from behind the crowd. The crowd of onlookers dispersed and followed the sound. Ah? With a guy? Who is Li Cuixi? "Li Cuixi is Fat Sister!" "Hey, I forgot all about that.".
” Fat aunt was immersed in the world of "storytelling", suddenly out of nowhere came Cheng Yaojin, not only attracted their own crowd, listen carefully, the content was actually arranged by herself! Looking closely, it turned out to be Li Maotian''s son, Little Stone! That fat aunt is not a vegetarian, usually used to ride roughshod, at this time naturally unwilling to be outdone, so spat on the ground, said: "I Bah!"! A little boy whose hair hasn''t grown up yet! Dare to choreograph me too! Who am I supposed to be? It turned out to be a small stone cuckolded by Lao Li Tou''s family! Only then did they remember the rumor that they had just heard from the fat aunt in the morning. One of the educated youth, Zhang Yanhua, and the male educated youth was not clear. Wasn''t this Zhang Yanhua Li Yan''s new wife who had not passed the door? All of a sudden, everyone was talking about it. Chunfang stood behind Li Yan and was so anxious that she grabbed the corner of her clothes. Had it not been for her brother''s instructions when she came, she would not be allowed to be with these gossips in the future. No matter what happened today, she would not be allowed to quarrel with those women. According to her previous temper, I''m afraid she would have started a fight long ago. Everyone automatically gave a way to the fat aunt and Li Yan, took the initiative to stay away from one meter, put on the posture of eating melon seeds and watching the fun, for fear that if they started fighting later, they would bring disaster to themselves. The music was all set up, just waiting for the master to show his power, but when he looked at Li Yan again, he was still smiling and not angry at all. What''s going on here? Is the news false? They don''t have these things at all? The whispered comments of the crowd made the direction of public opinion drop quickly. People who eat melons are like this. In fact, what is the fact? As long as there is a rumor released, most people are doubtful and waiting to watch the fun. At this time, the attitude and reaction of the parties are what the people who eat melons want to see most. Take Li Yan''s case for example. If you explain it, the more you explain it, the blacker it gets. If you don''t explain, I believe that a straight body is not afraid of a slanting shadow. That''s absolutely unacceptable to me. Maybe when you hide at home these days, how many versions of the news can be derived from outside! But as soon as the rumor came out, Li Yan showed up and stood here smiling at the moment. People are looking for fat aunt,inflatable bounce house with slide, but people hear these simply do not feel angry, I am afraid people are holding back a big move waiting to fix fat aunt. What does that tell you? It means that his wife doesn''t have that unclear thing at all, otherwise how can she fix the fat aunt? Have to fix the adulterer first. joyshineinflatables.com

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