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Military marriage in the
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Christopher D. Hawks


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Posted: 8.24.2022 7:52:30

Three years, three years of time, say not long, say not short, they started from friends, step by step forward, she seems to have been used to waiting for such a person, not to mention love or not love, but listen to his firm tone, sad is inevitable, she felt very ironic, she was displaced in Tibet in the past six months, had made a lot of ideas. He once dreamed that he might care more about her because of her departure, and that he would have some small concerns, not too much, just a little bit, ironically, it was this news. Do you like him? Starry night? Do you like Su Muzhe? She asked herself again and again, maybe she liked it! She wants to! Otherwise, it won''t be sad or painful. The golden sunshine shone down quietly from the top of her head. The shallow figure was trampled under her feet. A heart full of tired scars seemed to be caught by something. She took a shallow breath, just like ten thousand ants eating. The pain was severe. She didn''t cry. There was nothing to cry about. She didn''t want to cry. She couldn''t cry at all. Laugh? She didn''t think it was funny, and now she felt that she couldn''t do anything but turn around and leave, otherwise, what could she do? Crying and begging him not to go? Or walk up and slap a few? ''i Can''t get along with her. I think Xiaoya is more suitable for me! '' This sentence is very euphemistic, euphemistic so that she felt that it seemed that all the persistence could collapse at this moment, the heavy burden on her shoulders, all unloaded in an instant, should feel relaxed, but why the heart still seems to be blocked by something, uncomfortable and suffocating? She just knew today, originally,inflatable floating water park, he can also smile very happily, the expression on the face besides indifference, still can have that kind of thin tenderness, just, very unfortunately, that kind of tenderness, does not belong to her, but belongs to another woman. Is she not doing enough? That''s why you can''t move him? Su Muzhe would not know that his gentle smile on Wen Qinya was enough to smash all the hopes and defenses of the starry night in an instant, forcing her to have no way out. Su Muxue, you did not lie to me, I am really just a dispensable substitute,Inflatable indoor park, when he is lonely, he will occasionally think of me, in this competition, I lost, lost completely, lost in a mess, although I do not want to admit, but lost, is lost, objective things, will not change because you do not want to. ''Xiaoya And I will be engaged soon! '' This is the last answer he gave her, really can not wait, no wonder, this half a year, not even a phone call. What more could she ask for now? No one knew that in this lonely half year, she had been conceited to think that no matter what, she must still have a place in his heart, as long as she relaxed her heart and was willing to lower her proud head, any Schizonepeta between them would be solved, but she still made a big joke. What to do? What else could she do? Indifferent star eyes finally faded that customary coldness, a hot eye socket, Inflatable mechanical bull ,Inflatable dry slide, she seems to find something in the inside of the spin, cold heart do not know what is stuck, even breathing is extremely painful, she wanted to shout out at the top of her voice, but found that the throat has already been extremely dry, even the slightest voice can not shout out! But the humble begging still will not appear on her body, her pride, tell her, close your eyes and let him go! There is nothing to miss, love itself is a luxurious gamble, winning or losing is unpredictable, win, you can get happiness, lose, you can only let go. Starry night at the moment some lost, even if the heart is so thinking, so comfort themselves, the feeling of desolation is still sleepless toward the chest. She is not a saint after all. She thinks that if she is not affectionate, she will be free and easy when she lets go. Give it to time, half a year''s time, she has seen very light, no big deal.
Leave or stay unintentionally, drift with the tide, this is the original of her, superfluous people, what can we ask for happiness? Just forget it! This is also good, there is no concern, she may not walk so tired, even God told her so clearly, starry night, you are suitable for walking alone, come back! Blink hard, cold star eyes, shallow light, gently close your eyes, take a faint breath, take out the sunglasses in your pocket, put them on slowly, and finally move forward with heavy steps. No matter how beautiful the fireworks are, they are just a mirage after all. After a long time, they will still be scattered and become cold. The emotional world may be like this. Unless you don''t get close to it, the injury is inevitable. The twenty-third chapter is happy and sad (1). Z city is located in the southern region, south of the Qinling-Huaihe River line, and south of the Yangtze River. The climate is relatively mild, with apricot blossoms and spring rains, and the southern wind is like silk. Although it is not like the northern region, where politics and military affairs are active, the economy here is relatively prosperous. However, the more so, the more arduous the task of S Group Army is to protect the safety of Z city and several surrounding cities, large and small. In the lonely night, the cold wind kept blowing, and the moon, which had been sleeping in the chaos for a few days, finally woke up in a muddled way. It gently pushed aside the clouds and clouds and showed its face. The melting moonlight was unusually desolate, and a few cold animal calls kept coming from the bleak cold wind, which made it even quieter. S Group Army Station. The garrison of the s group army was not very far away from the city of Z, and it was only a few dozen kilometers away from the city of Z. In this way, it was located in a wide open space in a secluded and wide mountain depression not far from the town of Z, surrounded by endless hills, rugged and depressed. The gate of the military district was tall and dignified, with high walls on both sides and four heavily armed soldiers beside the gate. The garrison of the s group army is very broad, and since it is a group army, the scope of its jurisdiction is also quite large. It has three divisions and three brigades under its command, with many units such as communications regiments, artillery regiments,Inflatable meltdown, anti-aircraft artillery brigades, air defense brigades, and tank brigades. Each was assigned to be stationed in several surrounding cities. joyshineinflatables.com

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