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Hide from beauty
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Jane R. Wilson


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Posted: 8.24.2022 7:48:21

Nangong Yun obviously didn''t take my words seriously. She fiddled with the teacup in front of her and said, "Maybe there is someone who is better than you. I don''t know and don''t want to know you. I have witnessed your good or bad, so you are my boyfriend." "If I can give up snow and choose you, I can also choose others to give up you. I don''t think you will like such a person." Nangong Yun took a sip of tea and said, "I don''t care!" "I care." Since I can''t make any sense, I''ll just order the thirty-six stratagems to go. "Check out." The waiter approached, looked at the table, head suddenly sweating, I also followed his eyes to see, a dish did not pay a fart bill, I said: "Then help me pour a glass of tap water, I want to eliminate the fire!" The waiter breathed a sigh of relief and immediately poured a glass of tap water and handed it to me. I drank it and said, "Thank you. I''m full. The menu is for this lady. She can eat very much." Say natural and unrestrained stand up, slowly pull open go out, front foot step out of the door immediately desperate run back, here or the farther away the better! An arc appeared at the corners of Nangong Yun''s mouth, which seemed to be both a smirk and a stratagem. She murmured in her mouth, "Interesting. I have plenty of time. Isn''t four years enough?"? Simon, I won''t lose to you, anywhere! Waiter, give me a glass of tap water to refresh myself! Waiter petrified again, he really can not understand the present guests, into the restaurant to drink cold water. Back to the dormitory lazily, I knew what I was going to face. Pushing open the door, as I expected, it was extremely dangerous. Mops, washbasins,x52 line pipe, brooms and hangers all went straight to my face. I easily found a stool to sit down and took another glance at them. My pupils suddenly dilated: "Xiao Liu, what are you doing with my slippers? Is it itchy?" Jin Yongsheng hurriedly put down his slippers and said again and again: "I''m sorry, I''m sorry, I''ll take advantage of this." The others gave Jin Yongsheng a hard look, then took a step forward, closer to me, and those weapons were almost stuck on my face. Lin Dongzhi said sadly: "Tell me honestly what the relationship with the campus beauty is. You never participated in our discussion. I didn''t think that the most insidious thing is you, the wolf." I moved my seat back a little and said, "She''s just a classmate of mine in a different class in the same grade in high school. Today is just to catch up. There''s nothing else.". Don''t you believe in your own strength. Or do you have no strength at all? The weapon finally landed on the ground. I went on to offer a tempting offer: "But if someone wants to know her and make friends with her, I can help." Give Nangong Yun some trouble, she should not bother me, I stared at the teacup and said: "Liu Dehua, I am a little thirsty, you see is not..." Liu Dehua didn''t understand immediately: "Why didn''t you say it earlier when you were thirsty? If you were dehydrated or something, 321 stainless steel sheet ,uns c70600, I would be guilty. But I just bought Coca-Cola." Pass me the drink with flattering hands. I looked at the unopened rice crust on the bed and said, "I didn''t eat just now, and I''m a little hungry.." As my eyes were always staring at the bag of rice crust, my intention was really obvious to the extreme. Xiao Liu Jin Yongsheng hurriedly put the rice crust on my hand and said, "I''ve eaten it. I''m too full to eat it. Boss, I''ll give it to you." Being polite to them is tantamount to making myself suffer. I opened the bag and looked at the way Xiao Liu swallowed saliva and said, "Don''t be polite to eat together!" Finally, after getting a little benefit from everyone, I told them Nangong Yun''s mobile phone number, hey, let those wolves harass you, I can be safe for a few days. I don''t know if it''s just as Xu, the dean of the Academic Affairs Office in high school, said that geniuses are always different from ordinary people, and their faces are also different from those of ordinary people. Only then did I know Nangong Yun''s phone number. There was only one person left in the dormitory, and that was me.
Those people didn''t know where to go to make a cell phone call. After a while, Laoliu came back with a sad face. He sat on the bed and said, "I almost forgot. I haven''t bought a cell phone yet!" "Then what did you just run out for?" I asked strangely. Small six head more low: "I see they all ran out, I also ran out, failure!" " Suddenly his eyes lit up and he clapped his thigh and said, "I''m going to find a classmate in the class. It should be no problem to make a few phone calls." Left me alone and ran away. I couldn''t help laughing: "Nangong Yun has only one cell phone. If you five call together, you will be out of the ghost if you can get through." No matter those madmen, quickly solve the rice crust on the table, the big belly is the biggest. For a few days in a row, they played when they were free. At first, they used my name to talk, and then they simply used their real names. Even I blushed for them. At first, Nangong Yun also dealt with them a few words, then saw that their mobile phone number was turned off, and I really realized what is called to give up, their own mobile phone is not good to take other people''s, and finally Nangong Yun''s listening practice to the point of listening to bytes to know people, such as Lin Dongzhi just said a word I pronounce o, that head Nangongyun knew that the speaker was Lin Dongzhi immediately hung up. Never drag your feet. When they put down their mobile phones one day, they were surprised to find that they had borrowed all the mobile phones in the boys'' dormitory. I won''t bother them so much. Anyway, I have nothing to do. We are all young people. It''s harmless to make trouble. Nangong Yun doesn''t have much loss. As for the spirit, it''s good to exercise. These days I buried my head in the school library and saw rows of books on stocks and securities, which aroused my great interest. In the past, when I saw those unknown figures in the newspaper, I always skipped them at the first time. Now, they are quite different. Finally, I understand that small changes in a few figures will play a huge role, while my current financial situation is just in and out. Even Jinshan Yinshan will eventually be spent one day, and my money has to take care of the snow of Qiao''s family,x60 line pipe, and by the way, Ye, whose family is not well off. lksteelpipe.com



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