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Dzi Bead Change-Tang
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Jane R. Wilson


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Posted: 8.24.2022 7:47:07

Shangguan Cher nodded gently and said, "My Tianli Xiuwei has almost caught up with Brother Zhan." Shangguan Feier a face of speechless, "you are really specially born for practice, I think talent is not much worse than you, but how can this gap not catch up?"? It doesn''t matter, although my cultivation can''t catch up with you, but my man can do it. What do you call a man? It sounds terrible. Don''t say it casually in the future. Shangguan Cher frowned. Shangguan Feier grinned and said, "Why can''t I say that even you agree? He is my man." —— Explode the beginning, first send to the fourth watch, let everyone have a good time, explode the declaration in the back of the single chapter. Chapter 154 matchless camp evolution (two in one). Bah! When did I agree. [Fengyun Reading Network.] "Shangguan Cher said grumpily.". "Why didn''t you agree?" Asked Shangguan Feier with a smile? If you didn''t acquiesce, how could you let me go to Binger? Default is not the approval of it? Approval is not agreed to it, Hee Hee, sister, you do not deny it. I''m so happy today. You know, these days, my heart has been very sad. Now that you''re here, I have someone to talk to. Let''s have a good chat tonight. "Did you just say that Zhou Weiqing had hope for me?" Asked Shangguan Cher. Shangguan Feier nodded and said, "I don''t have a chance. I''m sure I can pass." Hearing what she said, Shangguan Cher was a little unconvinced. As a direct descendant of the vast palace, she was the best of the younger generation since childhood. It can be said that among all the heirs of the five holy places,x70 line pipe, she can be regarded as the top existence. Zhou Weiqing has not yet inherited the holy land. Although her talent is good, Shangguan Cher doesn''t believe anything when she says that she can have a vast and infinite suit. Shangguan Feier naturally understood what she was thinking at this time and said with a smile, "Sister, don''t believe it.". Before I was with him, I was also very unconvinced with him. However, after these days, I have to admit that Xiao Pang is a monster. His cultivation is really amazing. Shangguan Cher frowned slightly, "tell me what aspects of his promotion are." "Do you remember what level he was in the dzi bead contest?" Said Shangguan Feier? As far as I know,316 stainless steel plate, when he left the Phili Empire to participate in the dzi bead contest, Tianli Xiuwei had just reached the dzi bead, even if he had just entered the realm of divine power. But now? His heavenly power is already as high as level 19, and he is about to hit the five beads. His retreat this time is also to break through to the level of the middle Tianzun. Of course, the middle Tianzun is nothing to you, but think about it, how long has it been since he went from three beads to five beads? It''s just more than a year. When you were at his level, did you have such a degree of improvement? Hearing what Shangguan Feier said, Shangguan Cher immediately moved in her heart. For a long time, she has never regarded Zhou Weiqing as an existence of the same level as herself. At most, she was surprised by Zhou Weiqing''s six dzi bead attributes and thought he had a good talent. However, at this time to hear Shangguan Feier said so, she recalled that it was true, but in more than a year, Tianli has been upgraded to more than six levels, 316l stainless steel pipe ,316ti stainless steel, but also will soon impact the five beads. You know, the higher the power of heaven, the more difficult it is to ascend. At the level of three beads, Shangguan Cher asked herself that the degree of practice was not inferior to Zhou Weiqing, but at the level of five beads, her degree of practice was far inferior. Although it seems that now Shangguan Cher is Qizhu Xiuwei, Zhou Weiqing is still far from it, but there is one thing that Shangguan Cher immediately noticed after her sister''s reminder. Shangguan Bing''er once said that Zhou Weiqing''s awakening of Tianli was only four or five years ago, or only four or five years now. It was such a short time that his heavenly power ascended like a rocket, from scratch to the present five beads. Moreover, Zhou Weiqing''s age is also two years younger than their three sisters, God knows what level he can rise to in two years. "Have you figured it out?" Said Shangguan Feier. Xiaopang''s immortal skill is extremely abnormal, although we can''t practice it, and we think it''s no different from suicide.
But it seems to be tailor-made for him. With this skill, I can be sure that his promotion will not slow down before the level of nine beads. That is to say, in four or five years at most, he may not be able to reach the strength of the superior Tianzong. At that time, maybe he was really able to break through the heavenly king level before he was 30 years old, but my uncle didn''t reach it. Sister, you think, after four or five years, can you be sure that you will reach the heavenly king level? Besides, we''re a little older than him. That''s why I said he would be able to catch up with you later. Shangguan Cher took one look at her proud sister and said lightly, "Tianli Xiuwei doesn''t represent everything, and it''s just your prediction." Shangguan Feier giggled and said, "Sister, it seems that you are still very unconvinced. Is it better than actual combat?"? Although you have a vast infinite suit, but that guy also has a hateful ringless suit, although in the legendary suit, it must be inferior to you, but how big is the gap between the legendary suit? Don''t forget, he also has the evil spirit to change, also has six kind of attribute Italy beads. In terms of actual combat ability, now I dare not say that I will be able to win him, even if I win, I am afraid I have to pay a considerable price, this is still in the case that I know his various abilities very well. Although you are better than me, you must pay a certain price even if you can win him without knowing his ability at all. Shangguan Cher burst out laughing. "Phyl, do you know what you''re thinking now?" Shangguan Fei was stupefied for a moment. "What does it look like?" She asked. "Now you''re like an old hen protecting her chickens," said Shangguan Cher. You haven''t married him yet, just like him, not to mention that he can''t catch up with me now, even if he is better than me, so what? Not the enemy anyway. "Sister, you said I was like an old hen, I, I." As she spoke,uns s32760 plate, she threw herself at Shangguan Cher in a vicious manner. Their sisters were talking on one side, and on the other, Zhou Weiqing began his retreat. lksteelpipe.com

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