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Thirty years old
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Jane R. Wilson


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Posted: 8.24.2022 7:44:12

Mention that paper, my heart sank, like a tall building with one foot in the air. I had forgotten that in addition to explosives, chemistry and microbes, I had written a philosophical treatise many years ago. How can such a thing be forgotten? I kind of suspect that I forgot on purpose, which is a very strange thing. In my last winter at the educated youth spot, everyone else went back to the city, and I was the only one in the boys'' dormitory. I asked Ling Zi to move here, and we were like husband and wife. I moved a lot of books from the city, and I was elated to see so many books piled up on the Kang! In that year, the Chinese Bookstore in the city opened an office service department to supply used books in foreign languages. I snuck in with my mom''s letter of introduction and my dad''s money, and I found everything in it. Many books in the past were inscribed and stamped on the title page. Many of them are dead, and many others are missing. Stand under the high bookshelf. I feel like a grave robber. I remember thousands of books stamped with the words "Zhimo Collection"-once upon a time, there were many people like Xu Zhimo who used these books to build isolated cities in the desert. Now the city has been destroyed, people have died, it really makes people feel very sad! I read books at the educated youth point all winter. Lying on the hot pit, when you see a headache, look at the ice flowers on the window glass. Then the little bell came up and said, "Wang Er, tell me about it!"! She turned over the dictionary slowly and could not read more than a few pages a day. I was educated as a second-hand foreign slave, and my English was quite good, so I could have the pleasure of reading,Carrara Marble Slab, but I only spoke a few words topsy-turvy and buried myself in reading. After dark, he lay on the pit like a dog, and the kerosene lamp burned his hair yellow. When my scalp was tight and my eyelids were heavy, I said, "Ling Zi, we have to sleep." But I was still reading, and I felt that the little bell was busy around me, packing things and stripping clothes from me. Finally she blew out the light and I found myself lying naked in bed. In the dark,White Marble Slabs, I told Xiao Zhuan Ling about the book I had just read. Because of excitement and exhaustion, the false fire rose. Small turn bell did necessary measure to me, still urging in the mouth: "Say.". What happened next? When she began to work, she stopped talking, and as soon as she finished, she said, "What happened next?" This is really outrageous! I said, "Hey, are you talking like that?" "I''m sorry, I''m sorry, but what happened?" "I haven''t seen it since.". I have to light the lamp and look again! "Don''t look!"! You''re very weak now. I can feel it. Have a good sleep. One night when I couldn''t sleep, I thought of Descartes'' famous argument, "I think, therefore I am.". I''m not surprised that Descartes could come up with something. I just wonder why I''m not Descartes. I want to lack something, so I feel restless when I think about it. I got up, smoked a couple of cigarettes, Grey Marble Slab ,Silver Travertine Slabs, and lit the kerosene lamp again. Judging from the state that Descartes and others had reached, we are not only confused, but also a kind of mental illness. The little bell woke up and asked me what I was going to do, and I said I was going to do Cartesian speculation. I don''t know what to deduce from this inference. She was overjoyed and said, "Wang Er.". Push! Push it! Then there was that paper. I didn''t like to think of what I had written, so I said to the little bell, "Bell, we had a good time!"! Will there be any more days of reading in that winter? She put down her glass and said, "Reading is not as exciting as reading your paper." Mention that paper again! It''s like a pool of hot water in a bath pond. I really don''t want to jump down. I have to remember that my paper begins like this: If Descartes were Wang Er, he would not think. If Don Quixote were Wang Er, he would not fight with the windmill. Even if Wang Er arrived in Rhodes, he would not jump. Because Wang Er doesn''t exist. Not only does Wang Er not exist, but most people do not exist, which is the crux of the problem. After making this strange argument, I tried to prove it. If Wang Er exists, then he must not exist. But there is no such clarity in Wang Er''s world, so it is difficult for him to exist. As evidenced by the following examples: All mortals must die. The emperor is a man. Long live the emperor. Also People will die, the emperor is a person, the emperor will die. Wang Er accepts both of these statements. Do you think he can be saved! Obviously, there are two systems in the world.
One comes from the necessity of existence, the other from existence itself, so there are two answers to every question at the same time. This is called hypocrisy, and the title of my paper is "On Hypocrisy". I was too young when I wrote that article, and I made a lot of radical comments. Only one thing is clear: I am not criticizing hypocrisy itself. Not only that, I think hypocrisy is a great civilization. The little bell was very dissatisfied with this and asked to delete this paragraph, but I took out the spirit of Lu Buwei''s Spring and Autumn Period and said, "It''s not easy to do gold with one word.". Now that I think about it, it seems that I was mentally ill at that time. Thinking about it, I drank a lot of wine unconsciously. It was late and there were only a few tables left in the dining room. A waiter stood at the door of the kitchen with his hands akimbo, as if Sun Erniang were looking at the stuffing of steamed buns. I was dragged into the kitchen by her in a trance and hung upside down on the iron frame. The master said, "This cow has more tendons and less meat, and the meat is coquettish and tight.". It is necessary to put some pepper in the stuffing. The hag said, "Why don''t you stay and make a face for me? What do you think, Buff?" She had a moustache on her upper lip and two warm water bags hanging from her chest. "Give me death," I said. She kicked me and said, "I don''t appreciate it.". Buff, bear with me. I''ll bleed you in an hour. So he left. The kitchen was quiet when suddenly a lion cat, whose hair was as white as snow, floated in like a dream and squatted in front of me. The bell said to me, "Wang Er!"! Drunk? What''s going on? Actually, I''m not drunk. I''m not even close. I sat upright and remembered the paper I had written. Yes, I have written that hypocrisy is not the end. From this point on, everyone will evolve. The so-called hypocrisy, for example, is just a switch in the brain. When confronted with any problem, you must make a judgment: it''s about utility or logic, and then flip the switch. Pull to the utilitarian side, we shout long live the emperor, pull to the logical side,Calacatta Quartz Slab, we get the conclusion of death from the big premise and the small premise. Because of this heavy burden, the hypocritical person appears to be dull, and sometimes he can''t do it well and makes big mistakes. forustone.com

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