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In South Africa, Langya has its own special diamond mine, and the famous designer Mary is not only the royal designer of Y country, but also the design director of Hao Tian Group. And all the jewelry auctioned in this jewelry auction is actually Haotian Group, that is to say, the boys are going to rob their own things. Ye Qian shook his head helplessly, and could not understand what these boys were thinking, saying that in order to cheat the insurance money, Ye Qian would not believe it. The wolf tooth is not so poor as to live by cheating insurance money. However, now that they have already planned and arranged, Ye Qian is too lazy to intervene any more. Wolf tooth a lot of things, Ye Qian is very relieved to give Jack to deal with, it can be said that Jack is the wolf tooth in the strategist, think tank. Suddenly, Ye Qian felt a strong desire to kill again, and his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled. This feeling is the same as that night when I had dinner with Qin Yue. Is it directed at Qin Yue again? Li Wei obviously also felt the intention to kill, two people looked at each other, Li Wei turned and disappeared in the crowd. After working together for so long, there are some words that they don''t need to say at all, and they can know each other''s thoughts. Last time is because of fear of each other away, so Ye Qian let each other have a chance to escape, this time can be different,beam impact tubes, the elite of the wolf tooth gathered here, if let each other escape again, then the reputation of the wolf tooth can be completely bad, wolf tooth can no longer do what mercenary world strong, or even directly from the mercenary world. Although Li Wei is often a little cynical and lazy, he has never been ambiguous about business. Ye Qian also absolutely believed that he would not let himself down. However, after all, do not know how many people on the other side,side impact beams, Ye Qian felt that it is better to enter with Qin Yue and Zhao Ya first, after all, people come and go here, which is very unfavorable to protect them. Let''s go in. Ye Qian walked to Qin Yue''s side and said. Looking at Ye Qian''s serious expression, Qin Yue seemed to feel something. After a pause, she said, "Anyway, the auction is going to start. Let''s go.". Ya''er, come with us. Zhao Ya pursed her mouth slightly and said, "But." Kerr is still over there. "Kerr is here, too?"? Tell her to come along. Qin Yue was slightly stupefied for a moment, and said in a very serious tone, it was obvious that she saw something unusual in Ye Qian''s expression. For Qin Yue, in fact, Zhao Ya still has some awe, side impact door beams ,Precision steel tubes, so this jewelry auction she will hide Qin Yue and Hu Ke secretly ran over. In the face of Qin Yue, Zhao Ya, after all, was not as open as usual, and felt somewhat restrained, but Qin Yue had already ordered herself, and Zhao Ya dared not refuse, so she had to take out her cell phone and make a phone call to Hu Ke, and then waved to the distance. Before long, a girl in her early twenties came over leisurely, petite and exquisite, with a baby face, two shallow dimples, a white dress, and a lovely little angel. It is true that birds of a feather flock together, and these girls that Qin Yue knows are all beautiful women. Ye Qian looked straight at the girl named Hu Ke, her eyes did not blink, and the whole person was as stunned as wood. If we say that the beauty of Qin Yue is a kind of cold eyes that make people suffocate, and the beauty of Zhao Ya is a kind of unruly nifty, then the beauty of Hu Ke is as pure as the spring breeze. Qin Yue glared at Ye Qian mercilessly and reached out to pinch him on his waist. Ye Qian ate a pain, almost jumped up, turned his head and looked at Qin Yue innocently. Ye Qian really does not understand why Qin Yue is so accurate, every time he pinches the same place, Ye Qian even feels that if he gets along with Qin Yue for a long time, he is afraid that the meat on his waist will die sooner or later. Don''t hit Keer''s bad idea. Qin Yue said in a low voice. Ye Qian was a little dumbfounding, looking at Qin Yue with an innocent face, clearly saying, "I don''t have any idea, I''m wronged." In fact, this is Ye Qian''s heart, Hu Ke Ye Qian really does not have half of the kind of men and women, but can not help but have a strong protection. Qin Yue gouged out Ye Qian''s eye and did not speak again.
"Sister Moon!" Hu Ke gave a sweet cry. Then, the eyes can not help but turn to Ye Qian, apparently some surprised that Qin Yue would be with a strange man. Zhao Ya leaned close to Hu Ke''s ear and whispered something, turning her eyes to Ye Qian from time to time, apparently speaking ill of Ye Qian with Hu Ke. Hu Ke didn''t seem to take Zhao Ya''s words seriously. He smiled at Ye Qian and said, "My name is Hu Ke. Nice to meet you." As he spoke, he stretched out his little hand. Naturally, Ye Qian would not miss such a good opportunity. He quickly grasped Hu Ke''s little hand and said, "My name is Ye Qian. I am modest." As he spoke, he gently stroked the back of Hu Ke''s hand twice with his thumb. It was cool in his heart. Ye Qian now understood why the ancients liked to use catkin to describe women''s hands. Hu Ke''s hand skin was smooth and tender, soft as boneless, with ten fingers. The whole person had a classical woman''s fragrance of books. Qin Yue and Zhao Ya naturally took a panoramic view of Ye Qian''s little actions, but Qin Yue just gave Ye Qian a hard look and said nothing. Zhao Yake was different. He pulled Hu Ke''s hand away and stared at Ye Qian and said, "Lady-killer, what do you want to do to Keer?" "What can I do? I''m not politely shaking hands with Keer''s sister." Ye Qian frankly said that he would not feel guilty because he had taken a little advantage, Ye Qian''s face was not generally thick, and the name of Hu Ke unconsciously became so intimate. www? xiaoshuotxt? com Chapter 074 Jewelry Auction (5). For Ye Qian''s abruptness just now, Hu Ke did not make a fuss like Zhao Ya,stainless steel 304 pipes, and did not seem to take it to heart. Looking at Ye Qian and Zhao Ya bickering, he just smiled slightly. All right, the auction is about to start. Let''s go in. Qin Yue stopped Ye Qian and Zhao Ya and said. cbiesautomotive.com

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