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Legend of Menghua
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At the command, the fleet immediately turned the rudder and set sail, Ni Ti no longer supported, and the three ships staggered together and turned around. But the snake man was not so easy to talk to. After a while, another ship sank, and this time it was Ni Ti''s ship that sank. Seeing this, Bai Lang immediately ordered: "Nanguan should take them to approach the remaining four ships separately and be ready to meet the sinking ship at any time. We will hold the rear road!" "Yes!" The five ships were heading for their destinations, and the snake men were no longer allowed to give way, and began to rush towards the fleet of white waves. Now the snake people still have at least two thousand two hundred people in the water, and about five hundred fresh troops are still on their ships, and did not join the battle, while the human side has been reduced from about twenty-five thousand to about sixteen thousand, the loss is great, and more than six thousand people on four ships are in danger. We can''t go on like this. Whitecaps looked around, trying to find a way to get away. Seeing that the snake people''s fleet was moving with the retreating Terran fleet, and the snake people in the sea were bravely attacking the Terran, Whitecaps thought about it and suddenly ordered: "Attention, helmsman, approach the snake people''s ship immediately!" Isn''t this a death wish? Unable to bear it, Bai Xu shouted, "Bai Lang, what are you fooling around with?" Terran military discipline is extremely strict, the white waves have not answered Bai Xu,plastic pallet bins, the ship has been facing the snake people''s fleet. Snake people seem to be somewhat surprised, talking about the white waves on board at most two thousand officers and men, is not the opponent of five hundred snake people? The snake man was not afraid, but quickened his pace. This is the only way to survive! Bai Lang was not polite either. He replied to Bai Xu in a loud voice. Then he turned around and saw the snake men''s boats approaching. One by one, the snake men were jumping down from the water and swimming toward the warships. Bai Lang suddenly said loudly, "Change the rockets and burn all the snake men''s boats!" The order was unexpected. If the ship of the snake man is destroyed, won''t the snake man have to go all out? Terran ship serpents don''t know how to manipulate! But also because of this, most of the officers and men did not prepare the rocket in the arrow,plastic pallet containers, whitecaps this order, the bow of the ship was in a hurry for a while, only more than a hundred rockets were fired out, confused distribution in the snake people''s twenty boats, hundreds of snake people under the snake clan boat worked together, did not take a moment to extinguish the flame. Keep shooting! Whitecaps shouted, "Don''t stop!" At this time, the snake team suddenly heard a long hiss, twenty snake ships actually retreated, and all the snake people also followed the retreat, no longer chasing the fleet of Liu ran and others. Whitecap breathed a sigh of relief, slumped down on the bow, and ordered, "There''s no need to chase. Return." Bai Xu can be stunned, how can there be such a thing? How can a snake man be afraid of his ship being destroyed? It''s not very far from the mainland. People with higher kung fu can swim there, not to mention the snake people who are good at swimming. How did the white wave work? Bai Xu wanted to ask, collapsible bulk containers ,plastic pallet manufacturer, but he had just been roared by the white waves. His old face could not come down. He only looked sullen and stared at the front without speaking. Bai Min is very clever, he can understand Bai Xu''s state of mind, only to see him blink to the side of the white waves, grinning and asked: "Brother Lang, how do you know the snake man will retreat?" Bai Lang sighed, wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, "I''m also in danger. If I''m near Nanjiao City, this way can''t be used." Bai Min did not understand, but Bai Xu suddenly realized that if the ships of the snake people were completely destroyed, they would have to run thousands of kilometers in the territory of the human race to return to the snake clan after landing. Under the siege of the human race army, how could they survive? Even if the human fleet is completely destroyed today, the deal is still not worth it, and the snake people have to retreat naturally. Of course, this method is ineffective in the waters near South Point City, so no one in the Terran race has ever thought of it. Bai Xu can not help but admire some of the white waves, he seems to Mu Na, did not expect the head to move quite fast? Bai Xu thought for a moment and then went over and said, "Bai Lang, I was wrong about you." "Master''s words are too serious." Bai Lang did not expect Bai Xu to apologize to himself, but he was a little embarrassed, a little embarrassed to say: "I." It''s time to go to the crown prince to plead guilty. "I''ll go with you." Bai Xu nodded and said, "I will take care of the matter of practicing.".
” Bai Lang is stupefied, say amazedly: "Not … …" This is me. "You have to stay." Bai Xu said: "For the sake of the great cause, there is no need to care about the details." As soon as the big hat came down, the white waves had nothing to say. The white waves looked embarrassed, but they did not know how to object. At this time, naturally no ship dared to pursue the snake clan. Soon, the remaining eight ships finally gathered in one place, but another one had just sunk. Fortunately, the threat of the snake people had gone, and there were no more casualties. Bai Lang and Bai Xu jumped over two boats and arrived at Liu Ran''s boat. Ni Ti, who had escaped death, had already jumped over and was talking to Liu Ran and others. After the communication, as soon as Bai Xu saw Liu Ran, he immediately pleaded guilty and said, "Crown Prince, forgive me. I was negligent for a moment and told my disciples to practice''Green Spirit Claw ''. Unexpectedly, I almost missed the military situation." Green Claw? Everyone frowned. What was that? For a moment, everyone''s eyes were focused on the white waves. They didn''t know that it was the first time that Bai Lang had heard the name. It was the most inexplicable person. Fortunately, he always had no expression and would not be seen through for a while. Green Claw? Liu ran''s face could not tell whether it was good or bad. Exactly. Bai Xu said in a deep voice, "The young disciple once fought with the master of the Snake Clan, but he was no match for him. I thought I was leaving and hoped that the young disciple could improve his martial arts skills as soon as possible, so I ordered him to practice. I didn''t expect that he almost missed the big event." "Bao Lao is leaving?" Liu ran did not know this, he frowned slightly, followed the eyes to the white waves, said in a deep voice: "Whose idea was it to expel the snake people with rockets?" After this period of time, Liu ran also understood why the snake man was afraid of rockets. Bai Lang says immediately: "It is the decision that subordinate makes." Can not all let Bai Xu take the blame, although if not fire snake people may not retreat, but this method, after all,ibc spill containment pallet, did not first inform Liu ran, also does not conform to the original plan to kill snake people, he will not fall out is very difficult to say. binpallet.com

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