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Sugar is for you to eat (end of the fan outside)
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Posted: 8.22.2022 12:15:21

"Thanks." On the weekend, he laughed and picked up the pancake fruit and ate it directly. Thanks for the warm baby, too. He answered. The two men arrived at the station one after the other, but this time they did not see Cen Wei. As usual, they went to class calmly. As a result, as soon as Du Jingzhi entered the classroom, he looked at his position, which could be said to be a mess. Zhou Lanyue sat in her seat and cried. He stood in front of his seat for a moment, his face sinking. Liu Tianle and Huang Yunfan have not come yet, only Zhou Lanyue has arrived. Her desk seemed to have been attacked, books, notebooks and pens were flying everywhere, and her schoolbag was thrown on the ground with footprints on it, which should have been trampled on. The leather cover of the hair was only hanging on the head, and it was estimated that someone had pulled the hair. Zhou Lanyue''s popularity is really not very good, so miserable, no one pays attention to her, let her run her own course. Can someone explain to me what''s going on here? Du Jingzhi refers to his own position, the chair buckled on the desktop has fallen to the ground, the desk also has the remains of the torn book. No one spoke. Du Jingzhi''s relationship with other people in the class is also general, after all, not the same passer-by. Some good students look down on people like Du Jingzhi, while others are more honest and don''t want to provoke him. However, even if Du Jingzhi usually has little contact with them,collapsible pallet box, they dare not provoke Du Jingzhi, after all, the name of the handle in 3 is not undeserved. Is deadlocked, Liu Tianle walked in from outside the door, just saw this scene, on the shoulder of the bag to the desk a throw, came over and asked: "I go, what''s going on?" "I still want to ask!" Du Jingzhi said a sentence with a bad breath. Liu Tianle looked around, looked at the other students in the class,secondary containment pallet, one by one scared like a chicken cub, uniform and silent. He hesitated for a moment, but went over and set up the chairs of Du Jingzhi and Huang Yunfan. Then he tidied up all the things scattered around him. Du Jingzhi threw his schoolbag on the chair, glanced back, and finally carried the earliest boy out of the classroom, pushed him against the wall, and opened his mouth directly: "I have a bad temper. You can say the key point directly." "Actually.." I don''t know what happened. This morning, Zhou Lanyue entered the classroom and quarreled with Gao Haitao. Then Zhou Lanyue threw the book in Gao Haitao''s face. Gao Haitao suddenly became anxious. When he arrived at Zhou Lanyue''s position, he threw her things everywhere, pulled her braids, and scolded a lot of bad words. "Yes, I see. Thank you." Du Jingzhi finished, went into the classroom, straight to Gao Haitao''s position, to his side, a hand pulling the back of the chair, a foot to kick the chair leg, drum spill pallet ,plastic pallet suppliers, Gao Haitao''s chair turned over directly, even with Gao Haitai also fell to the ground. Gao Haitao threw a dog to eat shit, but did not dare to lose his temper with Du Jingzhi, so he just asked: "What are you doing?!" "I despise men who are angry with women. Don''t let me know what''s going on. If it''s your fault, I''ll kill you." Gao Haitao looked at Du Jingzhi and opened and closed his mouth for a long time before he said, "It''s that woman''s perversion!" Du Jingzhi glanced at Gao Haitao, ignored him, and went straight back to his position. When he went back, Liu Tianle had already tidied up for Zhou Lanyue. He sat in his seat and asked Zhou Lanyue in a low voice what was going on. Zhou Layue did not speak, but cried. Du Jingzhi stood by and watched for a while, sighed, and let Liu Tianle get up. He stood beside Zhou Lanyue, loosened her braid, stroked it casually with his hand, and then tied it up for her. He was still saying: "The head can be broken, the blood can flow, and the hairstyle can''t be disorderly." She was still crying, crying and crying, and she couldn''t hold back a laugh. Du Jingzhi tied up her hair and patted her on the shoulder. "Calm down. Tell me what''s going on. I''ll make the decision for you." In class, Zhou Lanyue finally got better, wiped her tears, then woke up and calmed down. She took out her cell phone and sent a message to Du Jingzhi. Naive Wu Xie: Brother Du, thank you. At a respectful distance: What''s the matter with you two? Innocent Wu Xie: This person is really disgusting, never met such a disgusting person! Keep a respectful distance: get down to business.
Naive Wu Xie: I don''t know how he found my blog number. I wrote a lot of original Wu Xie and Zhang Qiling''s colleagues on my blog, and also sent a lot of Tanbi pictures and so on. As a result, after reading it, he told me that I was a pervert, that is, I had never been ***ed by a man, so I thought it was good for two men to be together. He also said that if he wanted to, he could help me. At a respectful distance: ***, wretched man? While the teacher was not paying attention, Zhou Lanyue handed her cell phone to Du Jingzhi, which contained her chat with Gao Haitao. There are several pages of chat records. At the very beginning, Zhou Lanyue was quite rational, followed by two people scolding each other. What Gao Haitao said was particularly disgusting, and what else: "You can do it so that you cry", "Rub your chest more comfortable", these obscene words. She even threatened Zhou Lanyue that if she slept with him once, he would spare her, or else she would disclose that she was a pervert, so that she could not survive in No.3 Middle School. These insulting language, she is not angry, it is estimated that the next day, to scold Gao Haitao. As a result, Gao Haitao was still the kind of person who would bully girls. Relying on Zhou Lanyue, he could not beat her and bullied Zhou Lanyue severely. Du Jingzhi handed the phone back to Zhou Lanyue, and then sent a message to Liu Tianle: I want to clean up Gao Haitao. Stinky: Just leave it to me. At a respectful distance: Fatty Huang doesn''t know these things, does he? Stinky: This guy is late every day. It is estimated that when he comes, Zhou Lanyue is still sleeping. Be at a respectful distance: he has a demerit on his body. Don''t let him get involved. Stinky: I see. At the end of the class, Du Jingzhi took his bottle of Coke from his desk and winked at Liu Tianle. Liu Tianle said to Fatty Huang, "I''ll stay in the classroom with Brother Du. You can go by yourself." "Stay on duty?" "Well, you''re fat and you have to exercise." "Shit!" Huang Yunfan scolded two,plastic pallet manufacturer, also did not hesitate much, follow the other people in the class, went to the playground together. binpallet.com

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