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He Yi pushed the door open for the two of them, as if he had expected that the popular health club w
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Sea elf says: "Should OK!"! But when we were locked up, we forgot to ask this question. Why don''t you ask the snake man! Maybe he''ll know. "What!"! Ask him? "That''s not good," said Sang Yi. Sea elf says: "What is not good, go!"! It''s the only way. Otherwise, it''s not the way for you to starve like this. Sang Yi avoided being embarrassed and went to ask him. The snake man is sleeping. He lay curled up. With the tail on the outside, Sang Yi walked slowly towards him, and the snake man fell asleep. Of course, he didn''t know. Then, he called: "Snake person friend, I want to ask you." The snake man did not move, as if he did not care about him, or lay down. Sang Yi said to the sea elf, "He may be asleep. Let''s not ask." The sea elf said, "The snake man is a kind of animal with strong vigilance. If you pat him lightly on his tail, he will wake up at once. Then you can ask him." Sang Yi patted the snake man''s tail in the way he said. The snake was quite big, but the tail was not big at all. So he stretched out his hand and patted the snake man. Pow! There was a sound. Sang Yi''s face was pulled heavily by the snake''s tail, and his face swelled up. Unexpectedly, the snake man was so rude that Sang Yi punched him. The sea elf immediately said to him, "Be calm. The snake man didn''t mean it.". If you pat his tail, you should hide! Snake man''s tail is his most sensitive part,collapsible pallet box, once it is slapped, it will be like this, so you should be careful! Now that he hit you, don''t blame him. Harmony is precious! If you hit him, he will think you are bullying him. Then he will fight you with all his strength, and maybe you won''t know even if he eats it. Sang Yi stopped and said to the sea elf, "Why don''t you tell me first?"? I''m afraid I''ll be slapped in the face for nothing. Well,collapsible pallet box, my face is getting bigger and bigger now, and my face is getting heavier and heavier. Ouch! It hurts like hell. The snake man, however, had a proud look and looked straight at him with two eyes like headlights. I just didn''t laugh. Sang Yi wanted to smile, but his swollen face made him unable to smile. Then, according to the serpent language that sea elf teaches him, say to serpent person: "Hello, serpent person friend, excuse me, if when you want to eat a thing, how to do?" The snake man looked at him, but did not answer. Sang Yi was very angry and repeated it again in a heavy tone. The snake man opened his mouth and scared Sang Yi back several steps. Sang Yi is very angry, really a little unbearable, if there is a gun in his hand, plastic bulk containers ,plastic pallet manufacturer, he would have fired. I can''t believe all the people here are like this. The Tin Woodman scolded him before he touched him. And this snake man is so cynical that he is playing with him. The snake man opened his mouth, showed his teeth, clenched his teeth, and laughed? Stinky Shaggy! OK! Sang Yi did not ask again and walked away. Sang Yi did not get an answer, but a person had no choice but to sit on the ground, his stomach is now more and more hungry. He was so angry with the snake man that he did not know whether to laugh or cry. The sea elves said nothing more. Sang Yi fell asleep like this. When he woke up, the snake man was licking his face with his tongue. When he found out, he was so angry that he punched him. The snake man was so sensitive that he didn''t hit him. The snake went away. Sang Yi missed and did not dare to catch up with him. I cursed a few words. The sea elf was awakened by him and asked in his stomach, "Is there anything wrong?"? Master, what is it that makes you angry again? "It''s the same damn snake.". He licked me with his tongue. It was disgusting. I threw a punch and missed him. Master, you are wrong about him. When he licks you with his tongue, he is helping you heal! "What wound did I have for him to heal?" "You probably don''t remember your wound," said the sea elf! Didn''t he puff up your face? Now, is there something wrong with your face? Does it still hurt? Sang Yi then remembered, touched his face, the lump disappeared, and there was no pain. The sea elf said, "The tongue of the snake man is quite medicinal.". When these snake people are injured, they can only heal their bodies with their tongues.
So, when he licks you, it means he''s healing you! Why are you still angry? Only then did Sang Yi realize that he was wrong, but he was embarrassed to apologize. However, in his mind, the view of snake people is much better, and he no longer hates these snake people. When he woke up, he was no longer sleepy, so he went inside for another walk, hoping to see more aliens. He knows there must be more than that here. There should be many aliens besides the snake man and the tin man. However, he walked for a while before he felt that he had gone on, and his stomach was too hungry. He wanted to shout a few times to let the men outside know that he was hungry, but it was no use. It''s too far from the prison gate to be heard. The only way is to ask the aliens. Strangely enough, the snake man came. As if on purpose to contact him. It made him happy. As a result, he can no longer care so much. He walked over very piously. Say to snake person: "Snake person friend, you can tell me, how can you eat a thing?" The snake man did not play tricks. He slapped his tail on the ground several times. It seemed that he only hit a few times casually, but when he fell to the ground, it looked very heavy. After the fight, Sang Yi did not ask again. Soon, a voice came. Who wants to eat? (Men''s Star Language) Sang Yi says aloud with man star language: "It is me, my abdomen is hungry, you look for a thing to eat to me quickly." About 10 minutes later, a small box was lowered from the top, and in that box, there was something to eat. Seeing the food,plastic pallet crates, Sang Yi was very excited. He went to open it and was disappointed. What was inside did not surprise him. It was quite ordinary, except for a leg cut off by an unknown animal. It''s not very big, just a chicken leg. binpallet.com

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