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Drunk pillow rivers and mountains
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Old Shen Mu blushed and hesitated a little. Then he gritted his teeth and said, "That''s it. The workshop industry in Chang''an was originally controlled by my Yinzong. Of all the workshops in Chang''an, we directly or indirectly control at least 70%. How about I give half of it to your Xianzong?" Yang Fan glanced at him and said, "Brother Shen dislikes the high labor cost in Chang''an. Now he is building all kinds of workshops in Meiyuan, Gaozhou, Qizhou and Longzhou. You don''t think my younger brother knows nothing about this, do you?" Shen Mu became angry from embarrassment and said, "Erlang, the two lines of salt and wine are all profiteering. These two lines are under your control. Isn''t that enough?"? Is it difficult for me to hand over all the benefits to you? Zheng Yu said with a wry smile, "You two, once the boat capsizes, everyone will be finished together.". Now that we are in the same boat, we should help each other in the same boat. We must not undermine each other! "That''s not right, Brother Zheng," said Yang Fan. Externally, everyone naturally has the same interests, but when it comes to each family, don''t you have your own plans? Brother Zheng is the Zheng family of Xingyang. If there is a conflict of interest between the Zheng family of Xingyang and the Li family of Longxi, where will you stand? If you make peace and make too many concessions, will the Zheng family agree? Shen Mu sighed and said, "Shen is not like this. He told me to give in too much. Shen can''t explain to his brothers." Zheng Yu gritted his teeth and said, "That''s all!"! Zheng also understands the difficulties of the two. Well,Investment casting parts, in order for the two to have an explanation to their subordinates, Zheng promises you that every three years, we will provide seven places in the Imperial College to Xianyin Erzong. Three of them will be guaranteed to enter the Imperial College, and one of them will be guaranteed to enter the Imperial College. Is that all right? Double start at the end of the year, I sincerely ask you for monthly tickets, recommendation tickets, annual works tickets. Every reader has them. Please vote at the red letter below the title of the book "Drunken Pillow Jiangshan". With your subscription, praise,metal stamping parts, reward and other consumption, the tickets will be given again. Don''t forget to vote in time. Thank you! (To be continued.) Www.xiaoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 991 schools of fish. The Imperial College is a national university, as long as you graduate, even if you have obtained the provincial examination qualification, after the Ministry of Rites examination, the Ministry of Personnel re-examination, you can directly become an official. If they want to continue their studies after graduation from the Imperial College, they can pass the examination to enter the Imperial College, and the students can also enter the Imperial College after graduation. Taixue and Guozixue had a higher rank than the Imperial College, and they could become officials directly through recommendation. Even if they could not become officials, in the course of their studies, they had a teacher, the same age, and the status of gentry, which was tantamount to entering the bureaucratic class and becoming a member of the huge ruling class. Business, DIN screw plug ,Magnetic Drain Plug, work and land are all superficial interests and accessories of the official-based power society. Aristocratic families almost monopolized the right to education, so they held power. Although the imperial examination system came into being since the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and the children of poor families also had the hope of becoming officials, their chances were not great, because the results of the imperial examination in the Sui and Tang Dynasties depended not only on the results of the papers, but also on the "general list" and "line volume". The general list is a list made by interviewing the talent, virtue and reputation of the examinees in the society for the reference of the examiners. Among them, the recommendation of celebrities, literary tycoons and dignitaries is very important. Sometimes, before the examination, the examiner has already decided on the first person and the first person and even the top candidate according to the "general list". And the "line volume" is to recommend oneself, before the examination, to present one''s own excellent poems and essays to the famous ministers and social sages at that time, to seek their appreciation, to create a reputation, and to recommend them to the examiner. The ultimate embodiment is the "General List", and who are the celebrities, literary giants and dignitaries who decide the "General List"? These people are either from an aristocratic family or are inextricably linked with an aristocratic family, and the results can be imagined. It is for this reason that the family has been flourishing for a long time. The Imperial College, as the highest institution of learning for training scholars and officials, has long been monopolized by them. And this is also the power that the family values most and refuses to give up most, as long as this power is in hand. Even if they are destitute, they can still stand on the top of the pyramid of power in a few years.
Now, in order to promote the cooperation between the obvious and the hidden, Zheng Yu did not hesitate to give up part of the benefits in this respect. Seven places, is obviously the seven families each give up one, this should be the result of the seven families consultation, otherwise Zheng Yu is not dare to do this. In the face of such generous conditions, Shen Mu and Yang Fan were obviously moved. Shen Mu took the lead in extending his hand and simply said, "I agree!" Yang Fan also stretched out his hand. On his hand: "I agree!" Zheng Yu gladly put his hand on it: "We are in the same boat and go through the difficulties together!" …… Yang Fan personally sent Shen Mu and Zheng Yu to the island and watched them get on the horse. Yang Fan was about to call Gu Da to push him back to the island when he saw a fast horse riding in the distance with Shen Mu and Zheng Yu on the wrong horse and galloping. Yang Fan narrowed his eyes. Recognize the person is his family member Mo Xuanfei, the heart suddenly inexplicably a tight. Mo Xuanfei sped up. Get to the island. As soon as he saw Yang Fan sitting in a wheelchair and looking at him, he hurriedly rolled his saddle and dismounted. He bowed to the ground and shouted, "Congratulations, Ah Lang!"! He Xi a Lang! Yang Fan clenched his heart and relaxed. "What''s the matter?" He asked. Yang Fan suddenly shook his body and said in surprise: "Ah!"! But Anu has already given birth? Mo Xuanfei smiled and said, "Yes!"! Er Niang gave birth smoothly. Mother and child are safe! "Auntie sent the younger one to Chang''an to announce the good news to Ah Lang." "Ha ha ha, good!"! Okay, okay, okay! Uh? Is it a boy? Mo Xuanfei smiled and said, "Yes!"! Er Niang gave birth to a big fat boy, strong and strong, with eyebrows and eyes. Just like you, Alang. Yang Fan pointed at him with a smile and said, "You flatter me again!"! Newborn children, eyebrows and eyes are not long open, where to see who looks like. Ha ha ha Mo Xuanfei grinned and said, "Ah Lang is wise and powerful, and Xiao Lang is a gentleman like his father. Naturally, he is not comparable to the children of ordinary people." As Mo Xuanfei spoke,Stainless steel foundry, he walked over to Yang Fan and looked him up and down. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Thank God. Ah Lang is very angry. The younger one went back and said that if he knew with his aunt and Erniang, they would be able to put their hearts at ease." "Is everything all right at home?" Asked Yang Fan. ? autoparts-dx.com

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