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Doomsday commander
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Posted: 8.22.2022 12:02:40

Everyone held their heads high and looked at the sky. Sure enough, nine fighter planes flew across the sky. Nine missiles fell off from the sky and fell into the hiding place of the crawlers at the cargo terminal. Fortunately, those crawlers hid a little far, and the killing range of the missiles did not hurt innocent people. The pilots of the nine Raptors knew that there were people below, and instead of dropping large kill missiles, they switched to precision strike missiles, and some even directly used their own machine guns to strafe the crawlers on the ground. The fighter plane killed the crawler and had no power to fight back, so he had to run away in confusion. The crawler who wants to run away, the one who forgets the motorcade, and the one who adds insult to injury are a good choice to deal with the crawler who is hated deeply. Some brave men climbed on the roof of the car, set up machine guns, and fired hard at the fleeing crawlers, beating some of the badly wounded crawlers into a pile of meat. The battle lasted 15 minutes before it was over, and the crawlers were one out of ten. At this time, three Raptor fighters were preparing to land, and the other six were swinging their wings towards Lingyun, flying around and shooting at the uncomfortable zombies. With the exception of some watchful people, everyone got out of the car and looked up at the three Raptors that were landing vertically. As the fighter plane landed, the strong airflow blew people blind. When everyone stood and opened their eyes, the fighter plane had landed in the open position of the cargo station. The cover of the plane was slowly opened. After the people inside took off the oxygen mask, they jumped out of the plane. The three of them went to Lingyun in unison and gave a salute. They said respectfully, "Sir,Magnetic Drain Plug, the Fourth Squadron of the First Air Force Group reports to you that the other six sorties were left in the air to defeat the zombies trying to close around them because of site problems." People guess who Lingyun fell to the ground, how big the official position, unexpectedly in the end of the world can also call such advanced fighters to help fight. They saw these three fighter planes. The most advanced fighter planes in the United States are very expensive, and they are not for sale. We''re lucky to have nine of these fighters to rescue us. When Lingyun heard the three men''s words, he replied with a salute and said, "Why did you come here for a cruise mission?" The squadron leader said, "Well, sir,socket screw plug, madam has ordered us to be on standby near you at any time. There are fighters on standby near you at all times. In case of any accident, we can meet them at any time." Hearing this, Lingyun was speechless and waved his hand in silence. When Lingyun was ready to turn around and say something, Lingyun''s earphone vibrated: "Hello, sir, I am the satellite intelligence collector of the base.". There are about 5.19 million survivors in shelters across the country, scattered in large and small parts of the country, living in good and bad conditions. Humanitarian incidents have occurred in some places, and it is suggested that the officer send special forces to rescue and support the poor survivors. After all, they are still human beings. Lingyun thought about it for a while and said solemnly, "Well, sir, I have adopted your suggestion, and then I will join this special action. The code name of the action is Help.". Before there was no major military operation, all the special forces went out to rescue the survivors. The first division and the second division of the people to Tibet as the center to kill zombies everywhere, die cast light housing ,die casting parts, encounter powerful zombies, must be avoided, waiting for air support, not to let Musili to fix, that boy seems to have evolved recently. Not enough to take my pet special. Execute it! After saying everything in one breath, the exclamation in Lingyun''s heart did not disappear, but became more and more intense. He forgot his mission, his previous success made him a little disoriented, not the reminder of the intelligence officer, but also indulged in boring wandering. Surrounded by people cast incredible eyes, from Lingyun just said the information, his power is extremely powerful, a large number of people, as well as air support, the most terrible is to have some non-human biochemical weapons, can kill powerful zombies. Ignore their eyes, say directly: "You go quickly, I will call people to support you along the way in the air, go back, stay in the town honestly.". In the near future, the army will recover Chengdu, save your life and enjoy that great moment! There was a commotion among the people present, which was quickly suppressed by the four big families.
The people of the four big families came over to Lingyun and said, "Thank you very much." After saying that, he led the crowd to leave by car. Looking at the convoy far away, the fourth squadron of Raptor fighters was ordered by Lingyun to escort the convoy back. From time to time, they bombed the invading zombies on the way, a cluster bomb, a street of zombies died. After seeing no strangers, Lingyun instantly took out two Black Hawk helicopters from the ring, special forces immediately rushed in to prepare for various matters, Lingyun took a look at the dilapidated cargo station, turned into the Black Hawk helicopter. As the two Black Hawk helicopters spiraled faster and faster, the fuselage oscillated slightly and flew upward. The air flow created blew the garbage around all over the sky, and the zombies slowly gathered around the place where the helicopter had been parked. As a result, they were empty, watching the cooked ducks fly, howling unwillingly, and finally eating each other. Lingyun on the plane closed his eyes and thought about what to do. The special forces did not make a sound. The special forces who acted as the pilot did not know where to go and circled in the air. He was not in a hurry to ask where to go. He knew the officer would tell him. A minute later, Lingyun opened his eyes and a flash of light flashed through his eyes. He said calmly: "After entering Chengdu, the co-pilot used the satellite to search for survivors, and the main pilot followed the route given by the co-pilot, followed by another Black Hawk helicopter.". Others close their eyes and rest. They may have a task later. "Yes, sir." The voice was loud from time to time, but the answer was firm. The copilot was looking at the display on the helicopter attentively. The picture inside was the interior of Chengdu. After the copilot entered the four words "looking for human beings" on the keyboard, the picture was: constantly moving around the city, stopping for a while, speeding up for a while, in addition to seeing zombies or zombies. The copilot was not impatient and waited quietly,car radiator cap, beep beep beep.. The alarm sounded Because of the discovery of humans, the picture shifts to this place, and the co-pilot enlarges the picture. autoparts-dx.com

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