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For the first time, I miss each other
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Posted: 8.21.2022 11:59:31

Even though Rao had a special driver, she was still not satisfied. She groaned and complained, "Xi, I wish my family lived next to the school, next to it. I can sleep until the preparatory bell rings every day, and then run downstairs to catch up with class.". Or I can buy a parachute and go straight from home to school. "You are so lazy." Xi Yan commented. First read flat mouth: "You should now use spoiled eyes, evil charm crazy to say to me, woman, you want things, this less all meet you!" " Then she added confidently, "TV plays are all like this." "Watch less TV for the mentally retarded." Xi''s long legs stared at the car, and he was too lazy to talk to her again. But the first reading found that he smiled. Chu Nian laughed foolishly with him. So it was wrong at the beginning. At that time, if she didn''t go to flirt with Xi, or pull back from the precipice in time, don''t play any revenge drama, and they wouldn''t have those grudges behind. She looked out and wondered if her previous idea of landing directly from upstairs to school could be implemented, because the use of parachutes required a certain height. She pushed open the window and looked down on tiptoe. The door behind her was pushed open,CNC machining parts, and Xi saw her and rushed over. Holding Chu Nian in his arms, he dragged him back and shouted, "What are you jumping for?"! I''m not spending the night! All right! The author has something to say: Author: Pai Zai, how many women are you short of? "No, then you should give me one!"! But he also has the time to be humble to the bone for the person he likes. Love is deep and shallow (4) The two fell to the ground, and the first thought was held tightly in her arms by Xi. She heard his violent heartbeat and smelled the smell of milk on his body. You let me go first. Chu Nian clung to his arm. "I''m being strangled by you." "It''s better than falling to death," he said in a tight voice. "I told you at the first reading that you wouldn''t even have a whole body if you jumped from here!" "Jump?"? Why should I jump? The rising tone of the first reading was sarcastic,deep draw stamping, like a slap in the face of Xi. Yes, this woman can leave him casually for herself. How can she be willing to commit suicide if she is so cruel and selfish. Xi Kui thought of this, but still did not let go of the first thought. He rolled over and kissed her, rubbing his lips, thin and dense, as if he could only find a sense of existence by touching. Xi Wei has always been self-taught in this respect, and he is very good at kissing. If we put aside the emotional level, the first thought that the experience is still very good, but she does not want to let herself fall, especially after the two have just discussed the issue of keeping. Both of them began to breathe fast, and the first thought of heart took a bite of Xi. She used her strength, and she was afraid that someone would not be able to calm down. As expected, deep draw stamping ,alloy die casting, Xi Yan frowned in pain and released her with a cold face. You''ll die if you don''t take advantage of me! First read the back of his hand and wiped his mouth. Xi sat on the floor by the window, wiping the blood from the corners of his mouth. The corners of his mouth were swollen with new injuries and old ones. His calm voice: "I need to ease my mood." Is there such a relief? Obviously, the closer it is, the higher it is! She wanted to get angry for the first time, but she realized that Xi''s aura was not right, and she didn''t want to provoke him when he was angry. Otherwise, if this man is fierce, no one can bear it. She sat down on her knees to adjust her clothes and said in a low voice, "I just want to see if the height here is enough to open the parachute." "I''m not going to commit suicide for anything," Xi said quickly after a brief absence and a wary glance at him. She won''t kill herself for him, and she won''t be sad for him. For the first time, this kind of person turned his face faster than turning over a book. Xi Kui had learned that it was stupid to make such a move just now. He gave a faint "hmm". First read the index finger to bite in the mouth, thought for a few seconds before hesitating to ask: "What is wrong with you?"? You won''t.. Xi Kui got up and walked over, swallowing all the words he had read for the first time. Xi Kui stood in front of Chu Nian. She was still sitting on her knees, while he just lowered his head slightly and looked down at her. The first read did not want to die, Xi Wei thought, he used to hate the most time to think of holding the first read from downstairs to jump down once and for all. The first read did not know what he was thinking, subconsciously afraid, and shrank back a little.
He pinched her chin and lifted it up. Xi Kui saw vigilance in her eyes, and there was nothing else. He laughed sarcastically. What about me? Of course I''m afraid you''ll jump off me. He bent down slowly, put his hands on his knees, and looked at Chu Nian with his dark eyes, restoring his previous undiscipline. He said, "I don''t want this house to become a haunted house. It''s not easy to sell it." Chu Nian was stunned for a few seconds and stood up with her lips pursed. She held her arm, but this time she didn''t do anything else. When she stood up, she said, "You live in the house, and I won''t come to spend the night. You can move out when you find a house." "No, my salary is OK now, and I have enough money to rent a house." "First read." So you haven''t found a house yet? She bent her back slightly and slanted her head to look at her. "You''re going to work in Dongyao right away. I remember that their place is not close to Chen Lu''s house. Now that the subway is being repaired in front of her house, you have to go around farther. Is it convenient?" I was reminded for the first time, thinking that I would go to "Dongyao" today. She said, "I don''t have enough time. I have to go to the company right away." She just joined the company and doesn''t have to go to work formally today, but she has some formalities to go through. It''s a short walk from here. The subway is right outside. When I went to school, I had to form a team with Chen Lu when I went to the toilet, but now you are a big man, and you still want to form a team for everything? Chen Lu doesn''t have a boyfriend. They let you live in a polite way. Do you really lick your face? First read by his words said no temper, the heart clearly know that Xi Yan want to coax a woman, the best way, but she had to admit that he said is reasonable. She went to Chen Lu''s home to live,titanium machining parts, Chen Lu refused to accept her money, although only excessive, but there must be inconvenience. autoparts-dx.com

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