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Voiceless Rhythm of Qingchuan
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Posted: 8.21.2022 11:57:45

Xing Lv looked at her flat expression, somehow, the heart also gradually calm down. He smiled, as charming and affectionate as usual. Should he not show how much he cared in front of her. Only Today, he might scare her. He held out his hand and invited her out of the car like a gentleman. Rong Yin slightly stagnated, then put his hand into his hand, got up, ready to jump out of the carriage, but suddenly with a low shout, felt his body in the air, and then looked, found that he had been picked up by Xing Lv. Rong Yin looked deeply into Xing Lv''s bottomless eyes, but could no longer find the emotion as obvious as that moment just now. Xing Lv, she could not see what he was thinking when he was holding himself like this. But she still remembered to put her hand on Xing Lv''s neck. In the eyes of the crowd, Xing Lv hugged Rong Yin to the front of the horse, with his lips slightly bent and his voice very light: "Get on the horse." Rong Yin pulled the saddle, and Xing Lv put himself on the horse. After sitting down, Xing Lv turned over and put his arms around her tightly. He smiled and whispered in her ear, "Sit down!" Rong Yin nodded, the action has not yet ended, Xing Lv a whip down, the horse eat pain, in the eyes of all surprised, gallop away. Rong Yin was blown by the wind eyes can not open, late spring, why the wind seems to be with a biting cold, she slightly shrank back, Xing Lv will be sensitive to notice, hand hugged more tightly. The speed of the horse seems to have slowed down. In the end, Xing Lv almost let the horse walk freely. Grassland,metal stamping parts, dusk, sunset, the color of the sky gradually changed from orange to purple, then blue and purple, and finally to darkness. Were you scared? Xing Lv whispered in Rong Yin''s ear, his magnetic voice with a faint smile. Rong Yin wanted to nod very much. At the moment when he took her to run, she had the impulse to scream. But now she said it, it might not make people laugh. So she pretended not to hear his question. She deflated her mouth and said, "Xing Lv, I''m hungry." A few low laughs overflowed from Xing Lv''s lips, which made Rong Yin blush for no reason. "What are you laughing at?" "Nothing." Xing Lv continued to smile and said nothing,car radiator cap, while stopping the horse, dismounted, took Rong Yin''s hand, a pull, Rong Yin fell firmly in front of him, looked up, looked at Xing Lv''s flawless face, night wind, moonlight, seems to make his face look more perfect. Rong Yin held his breath unconsciously. Xing Lv slowly hooked his lips, but as if nothing had happened, he let go of his hand and turned to look for something in the bag the horse was carrying. And then I got busy. Rong Yin touched her hot face and sat down on the grass, but Xing Lv glanced at her with a smile: "What''s wrong?"? Want to be lazy? Go and find some dead branches, or I don''t know when I''ll be able to eat tonight. Under his gaze, Rong Yin felt for the first time that she was thin-skinned like a lady who had never seen the market. She hurriedly propped herself up from the ground, stared, and then looked for dead branches on the ground in the meager moonlight. When she finally brought back a pile, even the skirt was scratched by the branches, but looked back to see a warm fire, faintly, car radiator cap ,die casting parts, but also came the aroma of barbecue. Heart seems to be moved by something, her eyes floating on the hazy fog, lips also with a little smile, is to feel that such a peaceful and carefree day, is life? Rong Yin panted and walked back with the firewood in her arms. She piled the firewood on the ground and wanted to spread it out on the ground again. However, this time, she had to ask clearly first: "Well, can I sit and wait to eat this time?" Xing Lv looked at her with a smile and nodded again. Rong Yin sat down generously, and the worries and sadness along the way seemed to melt into the beautiful night and disappear. In fact, I love the grassland very much, no matter day or night, no matter joy or sorrow, when I come here, my heart seems to be firmly put down, steady, feeling, even breathing will not be chaotic. Rong Yin hugged his knees, looked up at the bright moon, and then gently closed his eyes, leisurely accepting the baptism of the moonlight.
"I fell in love with here very early, since I adapted to the life here," Xing Lv turned over the rabbit on the stick, plain but true tunnel, "here, suitable for us who live in the tangled days for a long time, as you said, here, it seems that even the struggle will be purified, it seems pure a lot, I came, really do not want to leave." "I think, I came, should also be so," Rong Yin opened his eyes, sweet smile to him, "so, more to thank you, Xing Lv, brought me to such a place, enjoy such a pure life." Xing Lv smiled and said nothing. Rong Yin got up, went to the fire and rubbed his hands. "I didn''t expect you to prepare so well." Xing Lv chuckled, "haven''t you ever thought about what those people will say about us when we go back tomorrow?" Rong Yin thought about it, and his face became hot and dry again. Yes, what will those people say about themselves tomorrow? However, she was not so easy to admit defeat: "I think you should still worry about what others will say about you. They, at most, look at me with sympathy, thinking that I have met a husband who is anxious and ingenious and wants to be wild." Xing Lv tilted his head with a smile, and then shook his head slowly: "I found that Rong Yin sometimes you are really bold, and you can say anything." Instead, he pretended to be evil and looked at Rong Yin with Meng Lang. He lowered his voice, leaned close to her, and whispered in her ear. "Are you so sure? I really didn''t think about this problem?" "Cough.." Rong Yin pretended to be calm and coughed lightly, and his eyes slipped away. "Ah, the rabbit should be all right!" Xing Lv smiled again, perhaps, he is really satisfied, such a life, with her, accompanied to the old. For the time being, he really did not dare to ask for too much, because he was afraid that if he asked for too much, he would have nothing. Yin Yin, I brought Kumiss. Do you want to drink it? Xing Lv took out a bottle and two cups from the side like a reform, but once again saw Rong Yin blushing by the light of the fire. Indeed,Steel investment casting, he did it on purpose to remind Rong Yin that something had happened one night. His lips rose, "Yin Yin, is your face red by the fire?"? Would you like to sit a little farther? ? autoparts-dx.com

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