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We''re like wild animals
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The sex that day made him a little unappetizing. Her breasts were not as full as when they first met, on the contrary, they were a little loose because they had been nursed by children, and her nipples were not round pink, but flat and brown like broad beans. There are fleshy folds on her belly, and the main thing is a centipede-shaped scar on her navel and delta area. She told him it was left on her stomach when she had a C-section. He was about to cry, and in the bright light, her eyes showed tiny crow''s feet, and her eyelids were somewhat relaxed. Five years ago, these things did not exist in her body, that is, five years, her body has changed so much, who destroyed her? Wu Xiangli, who tried to change him and accused him east and west. His eyes were wet with tears. Her hand touched his tears and she worried, "Aren''t you happy?"? He turned his sad face and said, "No, I think time is too fast, now." Wu Xiangli promptly interrupted him and said, "Don''t talk about Yang Guang. I think the world is very ugly.". "People like us are ugly and have no ideas or morals,ceramic bobbin heater," he said. When he said this, he drew her in, and then immediately took her out, just as you take a carp out of a pile of silver carp. I''m not talking about you. I''m talking about people like me. I am a bad person. I grew up in the "Cultural Revolution". There are too many rebellious things in me. Wu Xiangli took over his words and said, "In fact, we are very pitiful, because our generation has become faithless.". "My parents at least have faith,Ceramic Bobbin, or they have some traditional things, and we even lost the traditional things," he added. She added: "My generation just wants to make money, just want to get rich, for their own interests at the expense of others.". This is the tragedy of our generation. Don''t you think, Yang Guang? He looked at Wu Xiangli, who had often taught him how to be a man. With a serious face, she said, "I know we won''t have any more results. I hit you out of curiosity about your life. I don''t think we can get together again.". Yang Guang''s face was full of sadness, which was directed at her. He said, We can be friends. She shook her head. Then she took a breath and said, "It seems that we can only be friends.". By this time she had put on her clothes. She looked at him again and said, "Actually, I have never forgotten you.". Although I don''t forget that you are hurting yourself, ceramic sandblasting nozzles ,ceramic bobbin element, what can I do? That''s the truth. I''m a nostalgic woman. He was greatly moved. He had forgotten her somewhere. He had thought of her only occasionally in the past few years, but soon kicked her out of his mind, just like you kick an extra football out of the football field. He held her in his arms and lied to her, saying, "Actually, I have never forgotten you.". At this point, he moved himself so much that tears came to his eyes. Touching his face, she tried to calm herself down and said, "Your temper is too capricious. You have to change, do you know?"? He felt that he had returned to his school days, so he nodded and said, "I will change.". She did not forget where she was at the moment. She asked him to say, "Next time you come to Tianjin, you must contact me. I will treat you well.". Chapter 24 Li Guoqing came every day, his face was very happy, a pair of masculine eyes behind the glasses with a smile of making a fortune, as if he had picked up money. It was a terrible situation because he had no idea that they were going to leave him. He thought he hired them to draw, but they didn''t want him to draw. Ma Yu began to maintain a bit of fake intimacy with him, but as time approached, he openly became indifferent to Li Guoqing. Later, when Li Guoqing came, Ma Yu did not lift his head, as if he had not seen him. Li Guoqing is a spiritual person, in addition to a skull of poetry, there is a skull of sensitivity, of course, there is awareness of the content. One day, he thought it was time to ask. He stared at Ma Yu and asked, "What do you mean?"? Ma Yu turned his face away, but threw a sentence to him: "Don''t interfere in this business, and then we will pay you twenty thousand yuan for business information.". Li Guoqing''s face turned livid and he stared at Ma Yu. Ma Yu did not look at him, but buried his head in drawing. Seeing this, Yang Guang immediately walked away.
Li Guoqing looked at Ma Yu again and looked at Huang Zhonglin, who was drawing on another table. Huang Zhonglin pretended not to hear anything and lowered his head to draw. Li Guoqing felt that he was sold, this feeling is quite aggrieved and angry, he finally could not help, tears burst out of his eyes. He felt that he should not cry in front of them, turned his face and rushed out, like a dog crouching beside him suddenly smelling something and running out. Ma Yu breathed a sigh of relief and continued to draw. Huang Zhonglin grinned and said that we had turned the National Day turtle green. Ma Yu did not speak, Huang Zhonglin said: "Now he is afraid to go where to cry, I saw his tears came out.". He laughed again and said, "We are too important.". Ma Yu opened his mouth, you just like to talk, Ma Yu fire, you dare not do evil,Ozone generator ceramic plate, had to let me do. You have to be a good man. You go and pull him back. I don''t care. Huang Zhonglin was not annoyed. I saw his tears coming out just now, and I felt sorry for him. Yang Guang came in and asked if the turtle had gone? Huang Zhonglin smiled cruelly and said that Li Guoqing was crying by Ma Yu. He added: "This time, we are afraid that we have really offended Li Guoqing.". global-ceramics.com

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