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Back to the Song Dynasty as a princess
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The emperor nodded and said, "Anning, if you have anything, just say it." "Anning knew that Pang Yu, the Marquis of Anle, was the only son of a grand master. If Lord Bao killed Pang Yu, the grand master would have no successor. But the grand master was a veteran of the three founding Dynasties of the Song Dynasty. He should know better than Lord Bao that the Song Dynasty was hard won. He would not destroy the Song Dynasty for a hundred years because of his own selfish interests." I said. Then I turned around and asked the Grand Master beside me, "Grand Master, don''t you think so?" "Of course not, the old minister." The grand master said at once. That being the case, a grand master should know nothing about what the Marquis of Anle had done in Chenzhou. I said at once. Hearing this, the Grand Master immediately said, "No matter what Pang Yu did in Chenzhou, Bao Zheng shouldn''t have killed him." "Lord Bao, you tell the emperor and the grand master what Pang Yu did in Chenzhou." I heard it and immediately said. Report to the emperor, Anle Hou to Chenzhou relief, he not only did not distribute the relief grain, but also put the relief silver into his bosom to enrich himself, and resell the relief rice to the victims at a high price, ten taels of silver a bucket of rice, the emperor that page of the account book in your dream is true. I also have an account book of Anle Hou selling relief grain without permission. Your Majesty,Magnesium Oxide powder, please have a look. Bao Zheng presented the account book in his hand. The emperor took the account book from the eunuch''s hand and saw that it was exactly the same as the one he had seen in his dream. He was startled at once. He immediately said angrily, "This Anle Hou is so bold. Bao Zheng, you did a good job." "Your Majesty." Hearing this, the grand master immediately knelt down. Bao Zheng went on to say, "What I said above is only one of the crimes of the Marquis of Anle. He also privately forced a civilian to build a soft red hall and forcibly occupied the wives of civilian women for his pleasure. In order to occupy other people''s wives and daughters, he did not hesitate to force the innocent villagers'' families to death." "The emperor''s brother, even peace was almost killed by him." When Anning told him his identity and told him not to act foolishly, he actually. I said with a look of grievance. Pang Taishi,Magnesium Sulphate producer, who let you bully people like this, since you bully people, then do not blame me for being rude to you. What did he say? "The emperor is his brother-in-law, as long as his sister is by the emperor''s side." Blowing pillow wind around the emperor, what princess is not a princess. When the emperor heard this, he was furious. He pounded the table and said, "What a Pang Yu! Hum, Master Pang, you are a good son." Bao Zheng looked at me, and he knew in his heart that I must have said that on purpose. The emperor calmed down his anger. I am not strict with my son. Please punish the emperor. Pang Taishi hurriedly said. He probably hated me more than he hated Bao Zheng. I immediately said, "Brother Emperor, Anning believes that the Grand Master doesn''t know what Pang Yu has done. The emperor doesn''t have to be so angry.". A grand master is an old minister of three Dynasties, and he certainly won''t protect a rebellious son like Pang Yu who deceives the emperor. "Pang Taishi, please retire. I will punish you to think about it for three months behind closed doors." The emperor looked at Pang Taishi angrily and said. Pang Taishi retired dejectedly. Bao Zheng, this time you not only helped me find Princess Anning, Magnesium Oxide powder ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, who had been missing for a long time, but also made a great contribution to getting rid of the borers of the country like Pang Yu. I should reward you well. The emperor looked at Bao Zheng and said. Your Majesty, I dare not. I have one more thing to play. In order to save thousands of victims, Xu Feng, the county magistrate of Chenzhou, privately opened a granary for war preparedness. I hope the emperor can pardon this person. Bao Zheng said. The emperor nodded and said, "I will play.". However, I still want to give Aiqing your reward. En, I will give you the title of Grand Maester of Longtu Pavilion, a group of people in Kaifeng Prefecture, and take a three-month holiday. Have a good rest. When Bao Zheng heard this, he immediately said, "Thank you, Your Majesty.". I''m going to retire first. The emperor nodded and said, "Yes." Bao Zheng bowed and left. Seeing this, I also wanted to retire. I said, "Your Majesty, Anning also wants to retire." The sixth part of the main text: Chenzhou Grain Chapter 9: Face Saint 2 16K Fiction Network Updated: March 30, 2009 13:58:41 Words in this chapter: 1088 The emperor ordered all the eunuchs around him to go out and then walked down. He looked at me and then took two steps, as if he were thinking about something. He came over again. He came to me and looked at me. I immediately lowered my head, and the emperor certainly did not have any good intentions.
"Anning, there is no one now, you tell me, where have you been these three years?"? And what was that dream all about? I looked at the emperor and said pitifully, "Brother Emperor, can you stop talking?" "No?" All right! I said, but I was afraid that if I said it, you wouldn''t believe it, brother Emperor. I lowered my head and said helplessly. Anyway, you are an immortal, and the emperor is a purple micro star in the sky. It''s not against the law to tell you the truth. The emperor said, "As long as you don''t lie to me, I will believe you." "Your Majesty, do you know the Han Dynasty?" "Of course I know." "How many years have passed between the Han Dynasty and now?" "About a thousand years." "If someone now accidentally returned to the Han Dynasty, can you believe it?" "How is that possible? A thousand years apart?" "Your Majesty, I actually came from the world a thousand years later." "What did you say?" I''m not lying. My friend and I were drinking in a bar that day, but there was an explosion in the bar. When I woke up, I came here. A world a thousand years apart. "Where is the bar?" "It''s the equivalent of a tavern today." "Why didn''t you say that before?" "I lost all my memory when I woke up, so I didn''t tell the emperor." "Where have you been these three years?" I pointed to the sky and said, "City in the Sky." On hearing this, the emperor was surprised and said, "You mean heaven?" I nodded and said, "Your Majesty, I know you won''t believe it." The emperor shook his head and said, "No, I believe.". It''s just how did you get to that place? He looked at me. In the past three years, this peace really hasn''t changed much. It''s still the same as it was when I first saw it. Your Majesty,Magnesium Oxide price, your sister can''t say anything. Brother Huang should know. This time, because I did a wrong thing in the Sky City, I was driven down by the Lord angrily. What did you do wrong? ? stargrace-magnesite.com

My dad,calcium ammonium nitrate price, he''s sick.

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