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99papers Review
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Posted: 2.8.2022 7:46:26

What is 99papers?
Many people would conclude that 99papers.com is a reliable and popular writing service simply by looking at the TrustPilot reviews. But, I found that the company received less positive feedback from other sources. This made me more curious.
99papers appears to be a decent writing service on the surface. Although it doesn''t have an original website design, 99papers is quite well-designed and contains most of the necessary information. After digging deeper, I realized that the image of a trustworthy writing service at affordable prices began to crumble. My 99 paper review should save someone from making a hasty decision.
What I enjoyed:
Customer support that is responsive and helpful
A cost calculator and pricing table are available
Intuitive design
What I didn''t like:
There is no evidence of writers'' qualifications
Inefficient customer service
Low quality paper
Only prices for ESL writers will be shown
ENL writers are more expensive.
What Does a Paper Cost You?
99papers.com prices look pretty standard (at first, but you''ll see why later). A 1-page paper of high school level with a 15+ deadline costs $9.45. A paper that is less than 3 hours long would cost $29.40. The price table is convenient and covers all possible combinations. It includes factors such as the deadline, academic level (5 options from high school to PhD) and type of service.
Formatting and editing costs about half of what you would pay for writing. Proofreading is even less expensive.
99papers Discounts
99papers offers a 5% discount for your first order. Under the prices table, there is also an offer for a loyalty program. After I clicked the button, I was redirected to my order page. I reached out to customer service about the issue, and she confirmed that there was no loyalty program. This is a complete lie.
This is when I began to wonder if 99papers.com was a scam. I was shocked that a service of decent quality would lie to me in this way.
Is 99papers safe?
The revision policy promises unlimited free revisions for 10 days from the day you receive your paper (or 20 days for orders over 20 pages). Although the 99papers money back guarantee seems to still be in effect, half of it is reserved for cases where you have a right to a refund. This includes accidental placing of an order copy, double-payments, and when there is no writer available. This part was not for me. If you make two identical orders and fail to notice, no one will inform you. This is a wonderful service!
You can get a full refund if the paper is not delivered on time or you are unhappy with its quality. These are some of the terms and conditions that I did not like.
How do you think I should use my paper? You already charged me for it. Why would you want to keep rights to my paper, too? This is against the purpose of ordering one.
This is comforting. It''s comforting to know I don''t have to be denied a discount.
After reading this, 99papers.com is not safe to me. But let''s wait and see if the company lives up to its promises.
SiteJabber as well as TrustPilot have enough 99papers reviews. The first review has 57 reviews and most of them gave the service 5 stars.
TrustPilot has similar results. The company has 207 reviews. 73% of these reviews deemed it Excellent and 17% rated it Great.
Pretty good, huh? You can call me paranoid but it is suspicious that 90% of these reviews were posted in 2019, while the earliest reviews date back to 2017. This is also the only review that most users have left on the platform. I believe that the TrustPilot score is visible right away on 99papers'' main webpage. This makes it seem like they tried to fake it to make the site appear more convincing to new users.
I believe that it is because of all the negative reviews on these platforms that it has received such a high rating. There aren''t any 99papers reviews Reddit users who have left negative feedback, which suggests that this service is not very popular.
How it works
Although I understand what they meant, the order form is a bit confusing. Although it is easy to fill out, it could be improved. This is where it becomes clear that you will have to order an ENL-writer. An ENL-writer will add 8 dollars per page, and another 8 dollars per page if your need a top writer. The prices suddenly seem a lot more expensive.
Additional services include a plagiarism check, editor''s review, and a copy to sources.
How to contact customer support
I want to thank 99 Papers customer service for being responsive and fast. Unfortunately, it wasn''t very helpful. I asked where I could find out more about the writers. Instead, I was told that they were all "professionals and highly experienced." This was all I had.
Is 99papers worth ordering?
I was able to find the main question more easily the longer I searched the site. Is 99papers legit? After I received my paper, I can''t believe 99papers is legit. Because that''s the most common option for students, I decided to see how their standard writer would handle it. It was not a good experience. Without even trying, I could have done a better job.
Add all the negative reviews, inefficient customer service, high prices that you are led to believe are lower, and no proof of writers'' qualifications, you will see this is not a writing service you can trust.
Is 99papers legit?
It is safe to place an order with this company. However, you can''t get your money back unless certain conditions are met. This is something that you should know in advance.
Is 99papers.com a scam?
Customers have a lot to say about the company. There is one thing that you should be aware of. These are too optimistic to be true: https://globalhack.org/99papers-com/
Is 99papers reliable?
This site is not recommended for difficult or serious assignments. There is a good chance that you will need to make improvements.
Is 99papers reliable?
Although you may be able to order an essay from this site and receive a paper with a poor quality, it is risky to pay for a more complicated assignment.
Is 99papers a reliable service?
Although it has average prices, the quality of its papers is not exceptional. 99Papers is a great alternative if you don''t have the time to search for another writing service.

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