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Welcome2Solutions Forum >> Main Forums >> General Discussion >> Is it safe to connect an account to the Unblock Facebook Marketplace?
Is it safe to connect an account to the Unblock Facebook Marketplace?
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Posted: 4.20.2021 3:58:08

We strongly advise you to share personal information, such as your login and payment password or bank account information. Do not share your personal financial information to make or accept a purchase if you want to Unblock Facebook Marketplace. If you sell electronic products, be sure to delete any personal information from your device. https://www.email-contactsupport.com/blog/unblock-my-marketplace-on-facebook

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Posted: 4.20.2021 6:03:38

Start the process by raising a claim about the blocking. ...
The next step is to check the listings and the trademark certificates to see every documentation is accurate.
You also need to relist your products in the marketplace.

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