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Writing a ‘Last Minute’ Essay
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Posted: 9.28.2020 12:44:14

In the higher years of your education, it is not uncommon for you to be burdened by assignments, quizzes, projects, and essays. Students who procrastinate and are not good at prioritizing and scheduling tasks usually end up behind on important essays with the deadline approaching.

Those who end up stuck in the essay process, or start late and can’t finish up, or who leave it to the last days, usually end up with a bad submission or no submission at all. “Write essay for me, “ you might hear them asking their fellow peers and other online essay writers, as a last-ditch effort. They end up affecting the overall grade depending on the weightage of the essay.

Here is a guide for such students to streamline their essay process and submit an essay despite falling behind schedule, for a bad grade is better than failing in the essay. 

Schedule your time

Learn from your mistakes and don’t dive into your essay without a proper schedule. This is more important since you have less time and cannot afford to spend a lot of it on one single task.

This will also hasten your work as you are already falling behind schedule and are running against time in write my paper.

Narrow down your research by using a specialized encyclopedia

Make use of specialized encyclopedias to get in-depth background information about your subject. These specialized encyclopedias take their information from scholarly sources and are written by experts and scholars in their fields. These articles will also give you lots of relevant references for you to explore and get related information directly.

Brainstorm Ideas and arguments

After you know the background of the subject, you should brainstorm for ideas and relationships that you can explore and talk about. Doing this prior to further research will help you come up with unique ideas.

Mind Mapping and listing are useful as it doesn’t take much time for you to extensively brainstorm the topic.

Focus on evidence targeted research

After you brainstorm, you should dive into finding evidence to support your claims in various research articles and papers. Make sure to use a database that you are familiar with and with which you can effectively parameterize your search.

Complete your draft

Jot down a rough outline and use it to complete your draft. Your draft should include everything that you have collected so far. Try not to spend extra time on expanding on the information during your draft. 

Expand the draft as you go along and fill in the holes

When your arguments and discussion begins taking shape you will come to see the holes in your arguments and points where you need to add or expand information. You can do targeted research along with the process to append to your write my essay.

Make a peer read your essay

Getting straight into reviewing and editing your essay after writing is a bad practice, as the freshness of the memory of your text won’t allow you to see many mistakes that you come across. Having fresh eyes critique your essay is the fastest way to go.

Edit, revise, and proofread your essay

You can use the feedback to quickly review and edit your essay. For proofreading, part uses an online tool such as Grammarly which can sift out many of your grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.

Submit it on time

Though it’s okay to work on your essay as close to the deadline as possible, you should submit it sometime before the deadline. This is important as many instructors to pay someone to write my paper are strict about the deadlines and may cancel your essay altogether.

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