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Helpful Advice For Struggling Essay Writers
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Posted: 9.28.2020 12:27:31

Your academic studies will prompt you to write countless essays over both your school and college years. Many students feel apprehensive about writing essays, as they usually get one thing or another wrong and end up getting a bad grade or negative feedback on their essay.

These students do not always know how to troubleshoot their problems and are usually stuck with their bad writing habits for a long time. Some might end up asking help from an essay writing service and still find themselves not out of the rut.

Here are a few things that you can check if you are doing it right while planning your writing.

Going over the essay prompt

Many essay writers make the mistake of skimming over the essay prompt without reading it carefully. This leads to misinterpretation of the prompt question and in turn the wrong essay— all the work and effort for nothing.

The essay prompt gets longer and is often split in parts as you go into higher grades of your school or your college education. These prompts provide a little context to the topic before presenting the write my essay prompt. For these prompts, it is important to read each part separately and note down the required information.

The essay prompt includes three basic information:

? The task word: The task word informs you about the type of academic writing that you have to employ in the essay. The prompt words vary with the different types of academic writing types. Descriptive writing prompts usually ask to: describe, illustrate, etc. Analytical writing uses prompts words such as analyze, examine, etc. Evaluative writing gives itself off by using the prompt words such as evaluate, assess, etc. While critical thinking writing has essay prompts such as critically evaluate, synthesize, etc.
? The subject matter: The subject matter is the specific topic that you will have to target in your essay. This topic is usually given with respect to a context or with the background information or introduction.
? The subject parameters: Most do my paper prompts will have parameters that will narrow down the subject matter for you that will specify the topic if it is too general. This can be parameterizing the topic to a certain time or a timeline or using classification along the lines of type and location.

Brainstorming before the research

Many people make the mistake of diving straight into the research of the subject before doing the brainstorming, using one of many brainstorming techniques. If brainstorming is done prior to the research then the chances of you coming up with novel and ideas of your own regarding the topic are great. Good essays are those that add new information or insights to the subject matter and doing the research before brainstorming ruins this.

During the research, you get acquainted with various other ideas of scholars and other people and in light of these you cannot come up with your own ideas. Any attempt to do so will only end up reprocessing the old established thoughts that won’t garner much attention to your write my paper for me and the ideas within.

Research with a strategy

Your first strategy to research should be to collect proper background information that will provide you with a head start into the research process. Sources such as specialized encyclopedias allow you to get background information that is not derived from scholarly sources but is also written by experts in their fields.

After this, you should start the research process by searching for scholarly sources from databases and libraries that you are familiarized with. This will give you a starting boost and after exhausting the option you can move to other databases to widen your research.

Instead of reading the research papers from start to finish you should read the abstract, the conclusion, and look for the information in the index and content pages. If you find mention of relevant information then you can make sure by going over the text fast by skimming and scanning through the source.

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