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Why is mathematics so hard?
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Posted: 1.29.2023 1:46:39

The way math is taught is not entirely correct. Mathematics is a way of thinking, not a number-crunching tool. Here is an example of the wrong way to teach mathematics:

What is (??+??)3

At school, they merely do this:








Combining similar things:




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Posted: 1.29.2023 11:57:53

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Posted: 1.30.2023 1:37:03

Mathematics is so hard because it is having lots of formulas, derivations, and equation which is hard to remember hard many people even remember what they learn in this and how to solve them. That is why it makes it a hard subject. I also face many problems with this when I was a student, as now I give services with https://americanbookswriter.com/ but when I student so I prefer to practice it daily which makes it easy to understand about it, so I suggest you do the same and I can say you you will see the difference.



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Posted: 3.18.2023 4:15:54


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